Bacula Git repositories

As of September 2009, the Bacula source code has been split into three Git repositories. One is a repository that holds the main Bacula source code with directories bacula, gui, and regress. The second repository contains the directories docs directory, and the third repository contains the rescue directory. All three repositories are hosted on Source Forge.

Previously everything was in a single SVN repository. We have split the SVN repository into three because Git offers significant advantages for ease of managing and integrating developer's changes. However, one of the disadvantages of Git is that you must work with the full repository, while SVN allows you to checkout individual directories. If we put everything into a single Git repository it would be far bigger than most developers would want to checkout, so we have separted the docs and rescue into their own repositories, and moved only the parts that are most actively worked on by the developers (bacula, gui, and regress) to a the Git Bacula repository.

Bacula developers must now have a certain knowledege of Git.

Kern Sibbald 2010-08-30