Introduction to TLS

This patch includes all the back-end code necessary to add complete TLS data encryption support to Bacula. In addition, support for TLS in Console/Director communications has been added as a proof of concept. Adding support for the remaining daemons will be straight-forward. Supported features of this patchset include:

This document will refer to both ``server'' and ``client'' contexts. These terms refer to the accepting and initiating peer, respectively.

Diffie-Hellman anonymous ciphers are not supported by this patchset. The use of DH anonymous ciphers increases the code complexity and places explicit trust upon the two-way Cram-MD5 implementation. Cram-MD5 is subject to known plaintext attacks, and is should be considered considerably less secure than PKI certificate-based authentication.

Appropriate autoconf macros have been added to detect and use OpenSSL. Two additional preprocessor defines have been added: HAVE_TLS and HAVE_OPENSSL. All changes not specific to OpenSSL rely on HAVE_TLS. OpenSSL-specific code is constrained to src/lib/tls.c to facilitate the support of alternative TLS implementations.

Kern Sibbald 2010-08-30