Patches for Released Versions

If you fix a bug in a released version, you should, unless it is an absolutely trivial bug, create and release a patch file for the bug. The procedure is as follows:

Fix the bug in the released branch and in the develpment master branch.

Make a patch file for the branch and add the branch patch to the patches directory in both the branch and the trunk. The name should be 2.2.4-xxx.patch where xxx is unique, in this case it can be "restore", e.g. 2.2.4-restore.patch. Add to the top of the file a brief description and instructions for applying it - see for example 2.2.4-poll-mount.patch. The best way to create the patch file is as follows:

  (edit) 2.2.4-restore.patch
  (input description)
  (end edit)

   git format-patch -M
   mv 0001-xxx 2.2.4-restore.patch

check to make sure no extra junk got put into the patch file (i.e. it should have the patch for that bug only).

If there is not a bug report on the problem, create one, then add the patch to the bug report.

Then upload it to the 2.2.x release of bacula-patches.

So, end the end, the patch file is:

Kern Sibbald 2010-08-30