Sequence of Creation of Records for a Save Job

Start with StartDate, ClientName, Filename, Path, Attributes, MediaName, MediaCoordinates. (PartNumber, NumParts). In the steps below, ``Create new'' means to create a new record whether or not it is unique. ``Create unique'' means each record in the database should be unique. Thus, one must first search to see if the record exists, and only if not should a new one be created, otherwise the existing RecordId should be used.

  1. Create new Job record with StartDate; save JobId
  2. Create unique Media record; save MediaId
  3. Create unique Client record; save ClientId
  4. Create unique Filename record; save FilenameId
  5. Create unique Path record; save PathId
  6. Create unique Attribute record; save AttributeId store ClientId, FilenameId, PathId, and Attributes
  7. Create new File record store JobId, AttributeId, MediaCoordinates, etc
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 8 for each file
  9. Create a JobMedia record; save MediaId
  10. Update Job record filling in EndDate and other Job statistics

Kern Sibbald 2010-08-30