Testing a Binary Installation

If you have installed your Bacula from a binary release such as (rpms or debs), you can still run regression tests on it. First, make sure that your regression config file uses the same catalog backend as your installed binaries. Then define the variables bin and scripts variables in your config file.



The ./scripts/prepare-other-loc will tweak the regress scripts to use your binary location. You will need to run it manually once before you run any regression tests.

$ ./scripts/prepare-other-loc
$ ./tests/backup-bacula-test

All regression scripts must be run by hand or by calling the test scripts. These are principally scripts that begin with all_... such as all_disk_tests, ./all_test ... None of the ./do_disk, ./do_all, ./nightly... scripts will work.

If you want to switch back to running the regression scripts from source, first remove the bin and scripts variables from your config file and rerun the make setup step.

Kern Sibbald 2010-08-30