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Professional Support

In October 2008, Bacula Systems SA, the professional support organization specifically for Bacula was announced. You can access the official press release here. I (Kern) am the chairman and CTO of Bacula Systems, so I can personally vouch for the especially high quality of support it provides. For those who are interested in why there […]

15 Best Free Online Cloud Backup Software

Introduction Cloud backup is a valuable service offering a wide array of features to assist users in storing their files and data without constraints related to time and location. With the advancement of the Internet, storing data online has become a more convenient and efficient alternative to traditional storage on physical hard drives. The advantage […]

Give Your Backup System a Free Check From The Experts

Bacula is offering, for a limited time, a free technical review and system check service to you, which provides valuable insight into how your Bacula environment is deployed. It checks your configuration to make sure everything is working optimally. This system check also identifies any faults, job errors, and other potential issues, giving you a […]

Download Ransomware Prevention & Response Checklist

A checklist with additional advice and considerations to help IT professionals and their organizations to protect against ransomware. These whitepapers are created by Bacula Systems, sometimes within the context of Bacula Enterprise (Bacula’s commercial version). However, they contain lots of useful information for both customers and community users. By clicking «Download» I agree to the […]

Free Incremental Backup Software

Before jumping into the discussion about differences between differential and incremental backups, we should mention their so-called predecessor – the first backup type called “full backup”. Full backup Full backup is probably the most well-known backup level, probably because it is the most straightforward of them all. Full backup creates a copy of all of […]

Free KVM Backup Software

Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM, for short) is a virtualization architecture with an open source code that’s made for Linux distributions. Its main advantages are lower ownership cost, powerful guest isolation capabilities and more flexibility than most, These and other qualities mean a lot of companies are using KVM already or planning to migrate to it. […]

Bacula’s Free Hyper V Backup Software

Among the widespread use of virtual machines, Hyper V is a popular choice. Therefore, with such a wide pool of users, there is a correspondingly wide selection of paid or free Hyper V backup tools that offer backup capabilities, recovery services and a long list of other related features and options. Built-in Hyper V backup […]

Free Offsite Backup Software in 2023

Backup (in various types and forms) is one of the most effective ways of protecting a company’s data against data loss or corruption. By preventing such a potentially catastrophic event, a company can avoid losing revenue, reputation and in some cases, bankruptcy. There’s a lot of different classifications of backup types, and one depends mainly […]

Bacula Backup Training Course

Bacula Systems delivers high quality technical backup training for Bacula Backup & Restore software, including best practices in backup, recovery and data management. Courses are designed to help IT professionals properly implement and run Bacula and Bacula Enterprise Edition solutions and get the most from its advanced functionality. Successful attendees become Bacula Certified. Bacula courses help […]