Critical Items to Implement Before Production

We recommend you take your time before implementing a production a Bacula backup system since Bacula is a rather complex program, and if you make a mistake, you may suddenly find that you cannot restore your files in case of a disaster. This is especially true if you have not previously used a major backup product.

If you follow the instructions in this chapter, you will have covered most of the major problems that can occur. It goes without saying that if you ever find that we have left out an important point, please inform us, so that we can document it to the benefit of everyone.

Critical Items

The following assumes that you have installed Bacula, you more or less understand it, you have at least worked through the tutorial or have equivalent experience, and that you have set up a basic production configuration. If you haven't done the above, please do so and then come back here. The following is a sort of checklist that points with perhaps a brief explanation of why you should do it. In most cases, you will find the details elsewhere in the manual. The order is more or less the order you would use in setting up a production system (if you already are in production, use the checklist anyway).

Recommended Items

Although these items may not be critical, they are recommended and will help you avoid problems.

If you absolutely must implement a system where you write a different tape each night and take it offsite in the morning. We recommend that you do several things:

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