The internal database is not supported, please do not use it.

Internal Bacula Database

Previously it was intended to be used primarily by Bacula developers for testing; although SQLite is also a good choice for this. We do not recommend its use in general.

This database is simplistic in that it consists entirely of Bacula's internal structures appended sequentially to a file. Consequently, it is in most cases inappropriate for sites with many clients or systems with large numbers of files, or long-term production environments.

Below, you will find a table comparing the features available with SQLite and MySQL and with the internal Bacula database. At the current time, you cannot dynamically switch from one to the other, but must rebuild the Bacula source code. If you wish to experiment with both, it is possible to build both versions of Bacula and install them into separate directories.

Feature SQLite or MySQL Bacula
Job Record Yes Yes
Media Record Yes Yes
FileName Record Yes No
File Record Yes No
FileSet Record Yes Yes
Pool Record Yes Yes
Client Record Yes Yes
JobMedia Record Yes Yes
List Job Records Yes Yes
List Media Records Yes Yes
List Pool Records Yes Yes
List JobMedia Records Yes Yes
Delete Pool Record Yes Yes
Delete Media Record Yes Yes
Update Pool Record Yes Yes
Implement Verify Yes No
MD5 Signatures Yes No

In addition, since there is no SQL available, the Console commands: sqlquery, query, retention, and any other command that directly uses SQL are not available with the Internal database.