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Job status

Job levels

The table (here) describes the several levels for a job.

Job levels
Level Description
Backup levels
F Full backup: Every files
I Incremental: Files modified since last backup
D Differential: Files modified since last full backup
S Since: Not used
f Virtual full backup
Verification levels
C Verify from Catalog
V Verify: Init database
O Verify volume to Catalog entries
d Verify disk attributes to Catalog
A Verify data on volume
B Base level job
-- None: for Restore and Admin

Job types

The table (here) describes the several type for a job.
Job types
Type Description
B Backup Job
V Verify Job
R Restore Job
D Admin job
C Copy of a Job
c Copy Job
M A previous backup job that was migrated
g Migration Job
A Archive Job
S Scan Job
U Console program
I Internal system job

Job status

The table (here) describes the several status for a job.
Job Status
Status Description
A Job canceled by user
B Job blocked
C Job created but not yet running
D Verify differences
E Job terminated in error
F Job waiting on File daemon
I Incomplete Job
L Committing data (last despool)
M Job waiting for Mount
R Job running
S Job waiting on the Storage daemon
T Job terminated normally
W Job terminated normally with warnings
a SD despooling attributes
c Waiting for Client resource
d Waiting for maximum jobs
e Non-fatal error
f Fatal error
i Doing batch insert file records
j Waiting for job resource
l Doing data despooling
m Waiting for new media
p Waiting for higher priority jobs to finish
q Queued waiting for device
s Waiting for storage resource
t Waiting for start time