These Bacula Community packages are available at no cost to Bacula Community users. The binaries for the Aligned Volume plugin do not currently have corresponding source code because they involve a patent which is pending, and Bacula Systems has been advised that the source should not be made available until the patent is granted. All the rest of the binaries have corresponding source code available in the Source Download area of this website. To access these binaries, you will need an access key, which will be provided when you complete a simple registration. These binaries repositories include:

  • The Bacula Community packages for the Director and Storage daemon
  • Bacula Community Client packages including Windows and macOS

Before installing Bacula, you may want to confirm that your system meets minimum requirements for Bacula. Consult the online release notes to see further information and recommendations.

There is also a complete Installation Guide available in the White Papers section of this website. We recommend you look through it before installing to your system, since it answers many common questions and particularly because the installation is done using the standard Bacula Community and Bacula Enteprise file locations (/opt/bacula/..., which may be different from your current installation.

Please note that Bacula Systems builds these binaries, but does not provide support for the Bacula Community version. However if there are problems installing the binaries, you can get help by using the Contacts form on the Bacula Systems Web site If you need support, please see If you find a bug in Bacula, please verify that it is a bug on the email list then submit a bug report at

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