Those of you who have been with the Bacula project for some time, will recall that I (Kern) publicly stated that my primary purpose in creating Bacula Systems was to ensure the long-term growth of Bacula (the community version). I also stated that my personal involvement with the community would decrease for several years so that I could concentrate on getting Bacula Systems running, but that would not at all decrease the pace of development of Bacula.  This is indeed the case.

To show that the above statements are true, please review the following list of major contributions to Bacula from 2008 until today.  I think you will see that Bacula has been largely and substantially supported by Bacula Systems SA (which includes me).

Major Community Features added 2008 to 20 February 2013

– The letters BEE mean the Bacula Enterprise Edition by Bacula Systems SA
– Information herein is pulled from public records:
   – New Features Chapter in main Document
   – ReleaseNotes file in the source releases
   – ChangeLog file in the source releases
   – git repository
– This is not meant to be exhaustive
– Some author’s names may be missing

New Feature or work done                                                          Contributor
  =====================================        ==========================

5.2.13: 20Feb13
– Many Bug Fixes (21 bug reports closed)                       — Bacula Systems SA and others
– Several new minor enhancements                               — Bacula Systems SA
– Backport code from BEE                                                   — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.12: 14Sep12
– New bpluginfo utility                                                         — Inteos
– Bug fixes (13 bug reports closed)                                    — Bacula Systems SA and others
– Backport code from BEE                                                    — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.10: 28Jun12
– Significant fixes (6 bug reports closed)                          — Bacula Systems SA and others
– Rudimentary AFS support                                                 — now depreciated
– Backport Windows code from BEE                                  — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.9: 12Jun12
– Bug fixes (5 bug reports closed)                                      — Bacula Systems and others

5.2.7: 02Jun12
– Many code cleanups and rewrites                                   — Bacula Systems SA and others
– Closed 12 bug reports
– Backport StorageId code from BEE                                  — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.6: 18Feb12
– Exchange plugin work with Accurate mode                   — Bacula Systems SA
– Add wild card to restore cd command                             — Bacula Systems SA
– Many important fixes (closed 1 bug report)
– Backport debug for sd plugins from BEE                          — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.4: 18Jan12
– Significant improvement to spec files                             — Bacula Systems SA
– Fix versioning of share objects                                          — Bacula Systems SA
– Many bug fixes (9 bug reports closed)
– Many smaller enhancements                                             — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.2 24Nov11
– Additions to RunScript variables
– Add -t option on Bat
– Backport plugin code from BEE                                         — Bacula Systems SA
– 4 bug reports closed
– Backport from BEE                                                                — Bacula Systems SA

5.2.1 30Oct11
5.2.0rc1 08Jul11
– Major Version Release with many
     new features and lots of new code
– Many Bug Fixes (88 bug reports closed)                          — mostly Bacula Systems SA
– LZO Compression                                                                   — Laurent Papier
– New Qt Based Tray Monitor                                                 — Bacula Systems SA
– Purge Migration Job                                                                — Bacula Systems SA
– Changes in Bvfs (Bacula Virtual FS)                                   — Bacula Systems SA
– Changes in the Pruning Algorithm                                     — Bacula Systems SA
– Additions to RunScript variables
– Additions to the Plugin API                                                 — Bacula Systems SA
– ACL Enhancements                                                                — Planets Communications B.V. and
                                                                                                                        ELM Consultancy B.V.
– Class Based Database Backend Drivers                          — Planets Communications B.V. and
                                                                                                                        ELM Consultancy B.V.
– Many backports from BEE                                                    — Bacula Systems SA

5.0.3 04Aug10
– Truncate Volume after Purge                                           — Bacula Systems SA
– Many Bug Fixes                                                                      — Bacula Systems SA

5.0.0 22Jan10
– Maximum Concurrent Jobs for Devices                      — Bacula Systems SA
– Restore from Multiple Storage Daemons                   — Bacula Systems SA and
                                                                                                              Equiinet, Ltd.
– File Deduplication using Base Jobs                              — Bacula Systems SA
– AllowCompression                                                              — Collaborative Fusion, Inc.
– Accurate Fileset Options                                                   — Bacula Systems SA
– Tab-completion for Bconsole                                          — Bacula Systems SA
– Pool File and Job Retention                                             — Bacula Systems SA
– Read-only File Daemon using capabilities                 — AltLinux
– Bvfs API                                                                                   — Bacula Systems SA
– Testing Tape Drive Speed Command                           — Bacula Systems SA
– Block Checksum Device Directive                                 — Bacula Systems SA
– Significant New Bat Features                                          — Bacula Systems SA
– Port Bat to Windows                                                           — Bacula Systems SA
– Linux Bare Metal Recovery USB Key                              — Bacula Systems SA
– bconsole Timeout Option                                                  — Bacula Systems SA
– Many Important Changes                                                  — Bacula Systems SA and others
– Big backport from Bacula Enterprise                             — Bacula Systems SA

3.0.0 28Dec08
– Accurate Backup                                                                    — Bacula Systems SA
– Copy Jobs                                                                                  — Bacula Systems SA
– ACL Updates and Extended Attributes
– Virtual Backup                                                                        — Bacula Systems SA
– Implement 64 bit Windows Client                                    — Bacula Systems SA
– Duplicate Job Control                                                           — Bacula Systems SA
– TLS Authentication                                                                — Bacula Systems SA
– bextract non-portable Win32 data                                    — Bacula Systems SA
– State File updated at Job Termination
– MaxFull/DiffInterval                                                              — Bacula Systems SA
– Honor NoDumpFlag & ExcludeDirContaining
– Bacula Plugins                                                                         — Bacula Systems SA
– Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007 Plugin                             — Bacula Systems and
                                                                                                                                Equiinet, Ltd.
– Many Additional Smaller Features                                     — Bacula Systems SA