Learn more about the latest releases of Bacula and download your free system backup software. Please note that we have a new 4096 bit signing key that we have put into place. If you check signatures (wise to do so), you will find the new and old keys at the bottom of the Downloads menu.

Bacula 11.0.6 Source Files
This is a major release with many new features. To build the S3 cloud driver, the libs3 can be downloaded from

Bacula 9.6.7 Source Files
This is a minor bug fix release, and is the last of the 9.6 series of releases. The next release (version 11.0.0) is planned for December 2020. It will be a major release with many new features, which will be described in the next Status Report to be posted before the end of September.

Bacula 9.4.4 Source Files
This is a minor bug fix release to the prior release (9.4.3). Note: it fixes some important problems with Copy, Migrate, and Virtual Full problems, particularly the restore.

Bacula 9.2.2 Source Files (old)
This is minor bugfix release. Please see either the release announcement (email) or the ReleaseNotes in the main source directory for details.

Bacula 9.0.8 Source Files (old)

Bacula 7.4.7 Source Files (old)