New Release 9.4.3

This release 9.4.3 is a bug fix release for version 9.4.2. It includes a number of bug fixes and patches.

Baculum: there have been significant additions and changes to Baculum If you want a web gui please check it out. and Bacula Systems

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We are using Bacula to backup a number of elements. One of them is the data from the SCOS 2000 application (the generic mission control system software of ESA). We also backup multiple environments related to the deployment of the satellite ground segments. Aside from that, we have a lot of projects being backed up via Bacula: R D and RADAR projects, FOC (Flight Operation Control, i.e. satellite operation planning, as well as command and control of satellites), and more… We do both full and incremental backup, as well as archives. All in all, we re very satisfied with Bacula. The software offers us a consistent, reliable, and powerful platform, and all of this without licensing costs.

NFanjeau and CCovemaeke25/08/2011

Bacula Release 9.4.3

This release 9.4.3 is a bug fix release for version 9.4.2. It includes a number of bug fixes and patches.

Baculum: there have been significant additions and changes to Baculum.
If you want a web gui please check it out.

S3 driver: If you are trying to build the S3 drivers, please remember to use the community supplied (from Bacula Enterprise) version of found at:

As usual the binaries that correspond to this release will follow in a week or two.

If there are no additional major bugs, this will be the last of the 9.4.x releases. The next release will have a number of new features, and will require a major database upgrade (don’t worry it will be easy — just run update_bacula_tables)


Fix Window bpipe-fd strncpy programming error

Change mysql my_bool to bool as it was removed from mysql

Improve assert message

examples: move backup-to-cdwriter.txt to move-backup-to-usb.txt

fix memory leak in DIR for copy-job

Skip empty lines when generating the FileSet from a command

Fix creation of bad JobMedia records in Incomplete Job

Add messages for Incomplete Jobs

Fix misplaced cancel check reported by Alain

Change round() to bround() to avoid library definition conflict

rpms: Fix bacula-cloud spec file

rpms: Add bacula-cloud spec file

rpms: Add missing isworm script

Use more appropriate computation for VolIndex when creating restore .bsr

Fix Daemon message “Message repeated X times” count

Fix Carsten’s names

Make adapt to different install locations

Fix #4598 Display JobIds used in the restore job log

Add smartalloc function to print the owner of a buffer

Avoid to use the same variable name for two different things in the cmd_parser

Fix #4433 about ‘UPDATE File SET MD5=’…’ WHERE FileId=0′ error when using

Fix MaxVolumeBytes accounting after a mount request

Fix verify volume jobs with sparse files

Fix small memory leak with Console runscripts

Add ‘prune jobs/files all’ command

fix #4383 Sometime SD hangs when TLS and DEDUP are used together

baculum: Add status schedule page

baculum: Add status schedule API endpoint

baculum: Fix schedule directives setting

baculum: Update Portuguese translation file

baculum: Fix #2466 add plugin directive support in fileset resource

baculum: Fix updating whole Bacula config at once

baculum: Fix showing validation error if new config is incorrect

baculum: Fix setting multiple config resources at once

baculum: Fix renaming resources

baculum: Add links to resources in job log output

baculum: Update example web server config files and spec file

baculum: Fix list type directives on configure hosts page

baculum: Fix showing messages resource configuration

baculum: Add parent node property to directive list types

baculum: Add capability to define multiple drivetype and fstype directives in
fileset resource

baculum: Fix showing runscript subresource on job pages

baculum: Update new texts in Portuguese translation file

baculum: Add missing texts to translation files reported by Wanderlei Huttel

baculum: Update Portuguese translations

baculum: Fix showing schedule resource configuration on job view and job
history view pages

baculum: Fix returning one line output from bconsole

baculum: Fix restore wizard error when no fileset available for normal user
with limited access

baculum: Add capability to use many ACL Console directives in one config

baculum: Add client ls command to openapi file

baculum: Add text box list control to support directives that can be defined
multiple times in one resource

baculum: Add cancel button to last step new job wizard

baculum: Change PoolType field from text box into combo box

baculum: Fix adding new schedule run directives

baculum: Add support to multiple schedule run directives

baculum: Fix in API part saving job runscript config if RunsWhen=Always

baculum: Fix adding paths to empty include block

baculum: Fix saving job runscript config if RunsWhen=Always

baculum: New create backup job wizard

baculum: Add API endpoint to list files/dirs on client

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2466 4383 4433 4598

Bacula Release 9.4.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 9.4.2

This is a bug fix release to the prior version (9.4.1). It includes a number of bug fixes and patches. Thanks to the community for your participation.
9 bug reports were closed. In addition this version should fix virtually all the build problems found on FreeBSD.

We recommend that all users upgrade to this release.

If you are trying to build the S3 drivers, please remember to use the community supplied (from Bacula Enterprise) version of found at:


  • Update Windows .def files
  • Change script to be more flexible
  • Implement eliminate verify records in dbcheck bug #2434
  • Enhance verify-voltocat-test to detect comparing deleted files
  • Fix bug #2452 VerifyToCatalog reports deleted files as being new
  • Use correct quoting for a character — fixes previous patch
  • Recompile
  • Apply Carsten’s multiarch patch fixes bug #2437
  • Apply Carsten’s patch for adding CPPFLAGS to tools/gigaslam.c compile
  • Allow . to terminate sql queries prompts
  • baculum: Update Baculum API OpenAPI documentation
  • Fix rwlock_test unittest bug #2449 Only call thr_setconcurrency if it’s
    available. Fix order of linking and installation.
  • FixFix spelling errors found by lintian by Carston in bug #2436
  • Apply chmods from Leo in bug #2445
  • Add license files LICENSE and LICENSE-FOSS to the regression directory
  • Display daemon pid in .apiV2 status output
  • Attempt to ensure that ctest job output gets uploaded
  • Apply varargs patch from Martin for bug 2443
  • Apply recv() hide patch from Martin
  • Fix lz4.c register compilation from bug #2443
  • dbcheck: Improve error message when trying to prune Path records with BVFS is
  • Update cdash for version 9.4
  • Fix bug #2448 bregex and bwild do not accept -l command line option
  • Partial update copyright year
  • Fix struct transfer_manager to be class transfer_manager
  • Print Device xxx requested by DIR disabled only if verbose is enabled in
  • Add migrate-job-no-resource-test to all-disk-tests
  • Remove unused berrno call + return
  • Remove mention of Beta release from ReleaseNotes
  • Fix #3225 about Migration issue when the Job resource is no longer defined
  • baculum: Fix restore paths with apostrophe
  • baculum: Fix data level
  • Change endblock edit to unsigned — suggested by Martin Simmons
  • baculum: Adapt Apache configs to version 2.4

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2434 2436 2437 2443 2445 2448 2449 2452 3225

Bacula Release 9.4.1

We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 9.4.1

This is a minor bug fix release for 9.4.0. It should fix a few of the warning messages, but not all, on FreeBSD and Solaris. More importantly The ./configure process now properly detects that libs3 is installed on your system. If you do not want to use the Amazon S3 driver, this update is not required.

In addition to this release, I have posted the current source code with patches for libs3 to This package is needed if you wish to build the S3 driver. You may download it from the following location:

– Remove register attribute on variables as it is not supported by newer C++
– Fix regression from 9.2 when backporting Enterprise code in bsock code
– Add missing default flag so that configure looks for libs3

Thank you for using Bacula …

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