The Bacularis Project announced a new Bacularis version 2.6.0. This is a new feature and bug fix release. This version provides the data views function that enables to define own views with own filters for job, client, storage, pool and volume pages. This function significantly helps to organize the web interface and tailor it to your needs. Bacularis Team encourage to watch a video guide that explains it. Link to the guide:

Second change in this new release is making consistent default sorting for data selection lists. Now Bacularis uses natural case-insensitive sorting order.

From the fixes side there have been fixed current bugs reported by the Community. At the end there has been added some general minor improvements. More detailed information you can find in the changelog.

Binary packages 2.6.0 for popular Linux distributions are available in the package repositories. Docker container images 2.6.0 are available in the Docker Hub repositories.

Useful links:
- Release announcement:
- Bacularis documentation:
- Online demo: