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Upgrading from CentOS 7 with Bacula Enterprise or Bacula Community

Introduction You will upgrade your CentOS 7 operating system, hosting any Bacula Enterprise version. It is key to prepare this process very well. Operating System Choice If you don’t run any Bacula Enterprise plugins, please choose any new platform for your choice. We support Alma Linux, Rocky Linux or Oracle Linux as well as RHEL….

Bacula Community 15.0.2 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 15.0.2 to both the Bacula website ( and to SourceForge release. This release brings a lot of new features and plugins. More detailed information about the changes is available here. Binaries for Windows, Redhat 7,8,9 (and compatible systems), Debian 11/12 and Ubuntu 20/22 LTS are…

Bacula Enterprise 16.0.14 released!

16.0.14 is the new Bacula Enterprise reference release. We have brought updates to the Global End Point Deduplication version 2, the Kubernetes and the Microsoft 365 plugins. Please consult the release notes for more information (

Bacula Enterprise 16.0.13 released!

16.0.13 is the new Bacula Enterprise reference release. Please consult the release notes for more information (

Bacula Enterprise 16.0.7 released!

16.0.7 is the new reference release. Please consult the release notes for more information ( Some of the fixes and improvements brought by the new Bacula Enterprise 16.0.7: – Single Item Restore (SIR) is now supported with the VMware plugin backup from vSphere running versions 7 and 8 – The Proxmox plugin’s VMA backup jobs are now…

Send email based on backup joblog keyword

Here’s a handy tip that you may find useful: In order to grep for a key word in the backup joblog and send an email to a selected recipient, we suggest using a script that will grep a keyword (in this example we use the “Will not descend” keyword). Then send the e-mail (in this…

Bacula Enterprise Version 16.0.6 Released

Bacula Enterprise 16.0.6 is the new reference release. Please consult release notes for more information. Some of the fixes brought by the new BEE 16.0.6 include: A lot of improvements for the HyperV-WMI plugin VMWare plugin: the VDDK library updated to 8.0 Data spooling issue brought in 16.0 fixed The new Exchange E2WS plugin permits…

Bacula’s M365 Plugin Authorization Steps Video

Here is very clear and precise video about the Authorization Steps to take for Bacula’s M365 Plugin in the Cloud. You may well find it useful to learn about the registration process. Look out for the next video “How to Configure and Run Backup and Restore M365 with Bacula Enterprise” coming soon!

Bacula Enterprise Version 16.0.5 Released

Bacula’s development is continuing as quickly as ever. Its engineering team are proud to announced Bacula Enterprise version 16.0.5 . This release makes Bacula just about the most most technology-compatible backup solution available. Just some of the great features in this release are: Azure VM Plugin – with backup and restore support for Azure VM…

New release Bacularis 1.1.0

Bacularis is a new web interface project based on Baculum. Its mission is to make the use of Bacula especially easy, starting with simple installation and configuration. It has friendly, clean functions and numerous easy-to-use wizards. This web interface is intended for both new Bacula users just starting out on their adventure with Bacula, and […]