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Bacula Enterprise 14.0.3 released

Bacula Enterprise 14.0.3 is the new reference release. Below the list of the new features brought with 14.0. New Features *************** Plugins: – Add Microsoft 365 Teams support – Add QEMU/Proxmox Plugin with incremental backup support – Add Nutanix filer High File Count (HFC) Plugin – swift: Add keystone v3 auth parameters – Add Amazon…

Access Release 14.0.2 Now!

Release 14.0.2 is already available! Get this latest version to benefit from version 14’s many great new capabilities – and especially these important new features: – Microsoft 365 Plugin including Teams – TOTP Console Authentication Plugin – Security Plugin – Proxmox and QEMU Incremental Backup Plugin – Antivirus Plugin – Nutanix Filer Plugin This version’s…

Bacula Installation Manager Tool On Linux

For those running BEE version 12.8 and later, we deliver a new “Bacula Installation Manager” or “BIM” tool that permits to install and register the FD and any plugin easily with the Director through a wizard, thus to run a backup job of this client very easily. The Bacula Installation Manager permits as well to…

General Availability of 12.8.3

Bacula Systems announces the release of Bacula Enterprise 12.8.3. Its especially broad feature set is wider than ever – and this amazing range of compatibility it set to expand further still in new releases, coming soon. Stay tuned, and don’t hesitate to contact your support team for further insight into Bacula’s newest additions, listed below!…

Client/FD behind NAT Support

With Bacula Enterprise 12.0 and Bacula Community 11.0 comes a very useful new feature. Client or FD behind a NAT can now initiate the connection to the Director so the Director can start a new job on this client. It is very useful when the Director cannot connect to the FD. Obviously, it is still…

General Availability of Bacula Enterprise 12.8.2

Bacula Systems is pleased to announce the release of its new major version of Bacula Enterprise. Bacula already has just about the broadest set of capabilities available in the industry today, and this release expands its rich capabilities even more. Just some of the many new features are listed below. Enjoy, and please make sure…

New 2.2.6 LinuxBMR version available

We are pleased to announce a new 2.2.6 LinuxBMR version available to our customers. In the last recent version of LinuxBMR, we improved the support of more drivers, new operating system like Suse Linux Enterprise, SELinux specific options and more. Please contact your Bacula Systems’ Support Team for the latest version.

FreeIPA Support with the Bacula Enterprise LDAP/Microsoft AD plugin

The Bacula Enterprise MSAD/LDAP plugin now supports FreeIPA!  FreeIPA is the upstream open-source project for Red Hat Identity Management ( This development underlines Bacula Systems’ eagerness to continue working hard to help its customers in supporting the various chosen solutions they have running in their infrastructure. More to come!

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