Bacula’s development is continuing as quickly as ever. Its engineering team are proud to announced Bacula Enterprise version 16.0.5 . This release makes Bacula just about the most most technology-compatible backup solution available. Just some of the great features in this release are:

  • Azure VM Plugin – with backup and restore support for Azure VM Hypervisor.
  • S3 Object Plugin – with backup and restore support for S3 Drive.
  • Google Workspace Plugin – with backup and restore support for both Google Drive and Google Mail services.
  • New Global Endpoint Deduplication Storage System – A new Dedup engine comes with a new storage format for the data on disk. The new format keeps the data of a backup grouped together. -This new technology significantly increases both the speed of the backup and restore operations.
  • New security features. Bacula is now firmly at the forefront of security when compared to all other backup and recovery solution vendors. Contact Bacula for more information on why Bacula is chosen by the largest military orgnizations in the West.
  • Storage Daemon Encryption – The Bacula Storage Daemon can now encrypt the data at the volume level to enhance security of data at rest
  • Malware Detection
  • Volume Protection Enhancements
  • SIEM Console Integration- The Security information and event management (SIEM) Wazuh software (based on OSSEC) can be configured to analyse Bacula logs and events.