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15 Best Free Online Cloud Backup Software

Introduction Cloud backup is a valuable service offering a wide array of features to assist users in storing their files and data without constraints related to time and location. With the advancement of the Internet, storing data online has become a more convenient and efficient alternative to traditional storage on physical hard drives. The advantage […]

Free Database Backup Software

A necessary part of ensuring your business’s continuity is the ability to restore your databases from backups. Unfortunately however, it’s not uncommon for IT administrators to do the bare minimum required in terms of backup, and not consider important factors such as viability, integrity, reliability and security. While the topic of database backups might seem […]

Free XenServer Backup Software

Citrix is a complex virtualization management platform that boasts an impressive list of features and functions. As with any virtualization management system, it’s highly recommended to have some sort of backup system in place to have a copy of your data as a safety measure. Fortunately, Citrix XenServer backup solutions also include the capabilities to […]

Free Incremental Backup Software

Before jumping into the discussion about differences between differential and incremental backups, we should mention their so-called predecessor – the first backup type called “full backup”. Full backup Full backup is probably the most well-known backup level, probably because it is the most straightforward of them all. Full backup creates a copy of all of […]

Best Free NAS Backup Software

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a sophisticated technology that can be connected either to your home network or to the office network. As with almost any normal storage, NAS is capable of storing all kinds of different files, including photos, videos, music, text documents, and so on. At the same time, NAS is accessible via […]

Free Remote Backup Software

Data backup as a process is (or should be!) a critical part of an organization’s system, making sure that full data recovery is always possible if something happens that results in data loss. There are a plethora of different events and situations that may result in a company losing some or all of its data, […]

Free PostgreSQL Backup Software

PostgreSQL is an enterprise-level relational database with open source code that supports JSON and SQL querying. This database management system has been around for more than 24 years and was supported by the vast support of the community for the majority of that time. One of the most popular PostgreSQL use cases is to act […]

Free Oracle Backup Software

The purpose of any backup and recovery strategy is data safety, as well as the ability to restore (and quickly enough) if needed. The same goes for Oracle databases. Creating a backup and recovery system is necessary to protect the contents of Oracle databases. There are a number of tasks that backup administration personnel are […]

Free Exchange Backup Software

While the importance of backing up sensitive and important company’s data is undisputed, Bacula in any case recommends performing backups of your other data types – MS Exchange servers and their contents, for example. This prevents you from losing both the system data and your mailbox’s contents if your Exchange server suddenly encounters some sort […]

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