Bacularis is a new web interface project based on Baculum. Its mission is to make the use of Bacula especially easy, starting with simple installation and configuration. It has friendly, clean functions and numerous easy-to-use wizards. This web interface is intended for both new Bacula users just starting out on their adventure with Bacula, and also users that already know Bacula quite well.

The new Bacularis version 1.1.0 comes with new and improved functions. It is especially worth mentioning a couple of nice features: the graphical job over time report; dark mode support or optimized loading data in the web interface. The full version release report - with all of the new features - can be found in the official release announcement on the project website:

The new Bacularis 1.1.0 release announcement

We encourage you to try this great Bacularis release! Installation process is simple and it can be done using binary deb/rpm packages for popular Linux distributions, by Docker containers or by Composer installer. Enjoy!

Bacularis - the Bacula web interface

Bacularis - the Bacula web interface - Dashboard page