Bacula Enterprise is not the only Bacula product that is enjoying healthy and regular development! We are proud to announce version 13.0 of Bacula Community, which is available now.

Here are some of the interesting new tweaks and features of version 13.0:

  • Kubernetes Plugin
  • Storage Group
  • New Accurate Option to Save Only File's Metadata
  • External LDAP Console Authentication
  • Tag Support
  • Support for SHA256 and SHA512 in FileSet

It's worth noting that the Kubernetes plugin is especially powerful in terms of functionality and represents fairly advanced technology in the IT industry. This advanced plugin backs up and recovers Kubernetes cluster resources, Persistent Volumes, uses new Kubernetes CSI driver snapshot features to perform Persistent Volume data backup, and much more.

If you have any interesting use examples for this plugin, please feel free to share with Bacula so we can then share it with our readers! We hope you like it, and look forwards to your feedback.