Release 14.0.2 is already available! Get this latest version to benefit from version 14's many great new capabilities - and especially these important new features:

- Microsoft 365 Plugin including Teams
- TOTP Console Authentication Plugin
- Security Plugin
- Proxmox and QEMU Incremental Backup Plugin
- Antivirus Plugin
- Nutanix Filer Plugin

This version's Microsoft 365 Plugin Enhancements presents a collection of new features that fully cover the most important Microsoft 365 service modules, and enhancements to existing modules to improve user experience and data controls for higher levels of privacy. For example, the Teams module adds support to backup and restore Microsoft Teams, including:

- Team Entity
- Team Settings
- Team Members and Roles
- Team Installed Apps
- Team Channels
- Team Channel Tabs
- Team Channel Messages and Replies
- Team Channel Attatchments
- Team Channel Hosted Contents

The new QEMU plugin can backup QEMU hypervisors using the QMP transaction feature and dump disks with the QMP API. It can be used to handle Proxmox QEMU virtual machines for Full and Incremental backup.

Bacula's already advanced security features continue to eveolve even further: Bacula's new FileDaemon Antivirus plugin provides integration between the ClamAV Antivirus daemon and Bacula Verify Jobs, allowing post-backup virus detection within Bacula Enterprise.

Version 14.0.2 also has a Nutanix Incremental Accelerator plugin, which is designed to simplify and optimize the backup and restore performance of your Nutanix NAS hosting large numbers of files. Contact us for more information on these exciting new capabilities, and for the other new technologies available in 14.0.2!