This is a significant release because it now has the Windows code reintegrated and updated to work with this version. Other than Baculum updates and the new Windows update, there is no significant change to the other code.

If you wish to use the Windows 9.0.7 File daemon binaries with your existing 9.0.x Bacula Director and Storage daemon it should work fine but has not been tested.

The 64 bit version of the Windows binaries has been installed and very quickly tested, as a onsequence, please test it carefully before putting into production. There seem to be some minor installation errors that are probably related to .conf files. Also the Windows binaries do not yet contain the tray-monitor or the old Exchange plug. Both currently fail to build.

– Remove NSIS debug
– baculum: Fix opening configuration tabs bug reported by Heitor Faria
– Restore win32 dir from Branch-5.2 and update it
– Add Phil Stracchino’s fix for Qt5
– baculum: Fix saving boolean values in schedule Run directive
– rpm: Add Fedora26-64 platform
– baculum: Add link to go back from job configuration window
– Use correct SQL table encoding for Postgresql 10.x
– baculum: Add listbox control and use it for base and device directives
– baculum: Fix showing verify job fields in job run configuration window
– baculum: Revert back volume pool name in volume list window
– baculum: Fix error message about disabled bconsole
– baculum: API endpoints code refactor
– baculum: Add state, number, boolean and id validators
– baculum: Return bconsole disabled error if bconsole support isn’t enabled
– baculum: Remove unused api endpoints
– baculum: Fix oauth2 client working in the web part
– baculum: Fix auth setting radio buttons alignement
– baculum: Enlarge interface height to 100%
– baculum: Add more information to cURL error
– baculum: New reworked restore wizard
– baculum: Wizards view improvements
– baculum: Add restore hardlinks support in api
– baculum: Add strip_prefix, add_prefix, add_suffix and regex_where restore
options to api restore
– Port missing RestoreObject Plugin Config code from BEE.
– baculum: Stop using hidden fields to store item identifiers
– baculum: Fix redundant loading users portlet
– baculum: Add required config fields asterisk mark