Bacula Enterprise 14.0.3 is the new reference release. Below the list of the new features brought with 14.0.

New Features

- Add Microsoft 365 Teams support
- Add QEMU/Proxmox Plugin with incremental backup support
- Add Nutanix filer High File Count (HFC) Plugin
- swift: Add keystone v3 auth parameters
- Add Amazon Cloud driver
- Add option to exclude tables with the MySQL plugin

Security Enhancements:
- Add BackupJobUID and RestoreJobUID FD directive
- Add support for the APPEND and IMMUTABLE attributes for File Volumes
- Add File Daemon antivirus plugin using ClamAV backend
- Add File Daemon security plugin
- Add Director TOTP Authentication plugin

Performance Enhancements:
- Add ZSTD FileSet Compression algorithm

Management Enhancements:
- Add new BWeb Management Console menu organization
- Add JobStatusLong and PriorJob fields to 'llist jobs' output
- Add MaximumConcurrentJobs to 'status client' and 'status storage' outputs
- Store installed File Daemon plugins in the Client table

- Add .jlist bconsole command to provide JSON output for list commands
- Add .search bconsole command