We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 11.0.4 to both the Bacula website (www.bacula.org) and to SourceForge. Thank you for using Bacula.

This is a major new release with many new features and a number of
changes. Please take care to test this code carefully before putting it into
production. Although the new features have been tested, they have not run in a
production environment.


As always, both the Director and Storage daemon(s) must be upgraded at
the same time. Any File daemon running on the same machine as a Director
or Storage daemon must be of the same version.

Older File Daemons should be compatible with the 11.0 Director and Storage
daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File Daemons.

New Catalog format in version 11.0 and greater

This release of Bacula uses a new catalog format. We provide a set of scripts
that permit to convert a 9.x and earlier versions to the new 11.0.0 format
(1023). Normally, it is automatic, though this is a big change that takes
longer than usual. The upgrade process will require more or less twice the
size of the actual database.

This database upgrade should significantly increase performance when inserting
large number of Jobs with lots of Files into the database catalog.

If you start from scratch, you don't need to run the update_bacula_tables
script because the create_bacula_tables script automatically creates the new
table format. However, if you are using a version of Bacula older than 5.0.0
(e.g. 3.0.3) then you need to run the update_bacula_tables script that will be
found in the bacula/src/cats directory after you run the ./configure command.
As mentioned above, before running this script, please backup your catalog
database, and when you do running it, be sure shutdown Bacula and be aware that
running the script can take some time depending on your database size.

S3 Cloud Driver
To build the S3 Storage Cloud Driver, it is required to download and
install the libs3 available on https://www.bacula.org/downloads/libs3-20200523.tar.gz

Release 11.0.4 28 May 2021

11.0.4 is a minor bug fix release.

- baculum: Update script version
- Fix org#2618 Disable fix on bvfs_get_jobids() temporarily
- Improve MySQL upgrade procedure

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:

Release 11.0.3 21 May 2021

11.0.3 is a minor bug fix release.

- Check if char **jobid parameter is NULL before modifying it in bvfs_parse_arg_version()
- Enhance the update_mysql_tables script
- Fix compilation of check_bacula.c reported by Dan
- Fix org#2442 About the check of the Control Device during startup
- Fix org#2500 .bvfs_get_jobids jobid=X must return X in the list
- Fix org#2604 About column alignment of 'Terminated Jobs' section
- Fix org#2605 About incorrect messages in restore command
- Fix stored/Makefile.in to install cloud driver object with cloud targets
- Fix various default permissions

- baculum: Add autochanger management section and improve few other texts
- baculum: Add component action (start/stop/restart) buttons to client and
storage pages
- baculum: Add example working directory path in API install wizard
- baculum: Add new device interface definition to Baculum OpenAPI documentation
- baculum: Fix #2592 logout button on Safari web browser
- baculum: Fix double device error code number
- baculum: Fix opening update slots window reported by Hector Barrera
- baculum: Fix sub-tabs on client and on storage pages
- baculum: Implement autochanger management
- baculum: Implement support for assigning multiple API hosts to one user
- baculum: Restore wizard improvements
- baculum: Update Portuguese translations
- baculum: Update Russian translations
- baculum: Update documentation chapter and screenshots
- baculum: Use catalog access in changer listall endpoint only if it is configured on API host

- docs: Add information about the git branch used with Bacula
- docs: Fix #7657 Enhance the FSType description
- docs: Fix #7659 About EnhancedWild fileset directive documentation
- docs: Fix org#2578 About missing "restore directory=xxx" keyword documentation

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2442 2500 2578 2592 2604 2605 7657 7659

Release 11.0.2 26 March 2021

11.0.2 is a minor bug fix release.

- Add functions to unittests library
- Add support for store_alist_str() in plugin configuration items
- Enhance bdelete_and_free() macro
- Update baculabackupreport script

- Fix #7286 DIR segfault when doing a "dir" command in a restore
- Fix #7321 About issue when stopping jobs waiting for resources
- Fix #7396 GRANT command error in granting privileges script for MySQL
- Fix #7449 About incorrect JSON output with 'TLS Allowed CN' directive
- Fix #7451 About deleted files incorrectly kept in Virtual Full
- Fix S3 compilation
- Fix Verify job issue with offset stream and compressed blocks
- Fix bug #2498 - Wrong mode for /etc/logrotate.d/bacula
- Fix check_bacula.c to ignore daemon events
- Fix possible memory corruption in the label process
- Fix reload issue when a Job doesn't have a Pool defined
- Possible fix for SD high memory usage problem
- Remove suspicious debug line on setdebug()

- baculum: Add Craig Holyoak to AUTHORS
- baculum: Fix #2597 LDAP login with LDAPS option
- baculum: Fix cancel button in new job wizard
- baculum: Fix displaying warning messages in messages window
- baculum: Fix undefined property error in run job API endpoint if level value
is not provided
- baculum: Implement API version 2
- baculum: Improve updating asset files after upgrade
- baculum: Unify jobs/{jobid}/files endpoint output for detailed and normal
- baculum: Update Polish translations
- baculum: Update Portuguese translations
- baculum: Update Russian translations
- baculum: Use new APIv2 status client request on job history view page

- rpms: Fix bacula.spec for Fedora 31
- rpms: Fix bacula.spec for rhel8 / centos 8
- rpms: Fix missing query.sql
- rpms: Update bacula.spec for rhel8

- win32: Fill the version information as CFLAGS
- win32: Fix #7373 binaries are tagged with correct resource
- win32: Fix error message when labeling volume on Windows SD
- win32: Update openssl version to 1.1.1k

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2498 2597 7286 7321 7373 7396 7449 7451

Release 11.0.1 04 February 2021

11.0.1 is a minor bug fix release.

- Add PGSQL detection for macOS and MacPorts.
- BEE Backport bacula/src/tools/dbcheck.c
- Fix #7079 About a segfault in a copyjob when the fileset is no longer defined
- Fix #7168 About incorrect start time displayed for canceled jobs not yet
- Fix #7207 About 'dbcheck -n' not working properly
- Fix #7214 Adapt mtx-changer.conf for GNU cpio mt version
- Fix #7247 About incorrect variable substitution with the query command
- Fix MySQL update procedure with incorrect handling of the FileIndex type
- Fix compilation warnings with Solaris Studio
- Fix copy/migration job selection
- Fix org#2579 About incorrect JSON generated from empty Messages resource
- Fix org#2587 Improve btraceback output
- Fix org#2588 About incorrect Object/ObjectId type in update_postgresql_tables
- Fix update_sqlite3_tables to upgrade from 9.6 to 11.0
- Initialize StartTime in db_create_job_record()
- Remove deprecated sbrk in macOS and Windows.
- Use PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG macro to search for pkg-config. It is cross-compile
- alist: Fix for memory overflow access.

- baculum: Add capability to create filedaemon console and schedule on new
resource page
- baculum: Add console messages log API endpoint
- baculum: Add console messages log envelope
- baculum: Add job status weather on job list page
- baculum: Add new icons for job status weather purpose
- baculum: Add to Bvfs lsdirs and lsfiles API endpoints pathid parameter
- baculum: Browser paths in restore browser using pathid
- baculum: Fix #2560 in restore wizard display names encoded in non-UTF encoding
- baculum: Fix finding jobs by filename in restore wizard if filename contains
whitespace characters
- baculum: Fix problem with setting hourly schedule - reported by Elias Pereira
- baculum: Remove excanvas.js dependency
- baculum: Update debian files to latest version
- baculum: Update spec files

- win32: Backport signing procedures to 11.0
- win32: Fix #7094 bypass random pwd generation when pwd is provided
- win32: Fix conditional #define's
- win32: Fix #7256 Update Windows version detection with latest versions
(Windows 10).

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2560 2579 2587 2588 7079 7094 7168 7207 7214 7247 7256


Release 11.0.0 12 December 2020

11.0.0 is a major release.

New Features:
- New catalog format
- Automatic TLS PSK encrypted communication
- Support for Client behind NAT
- Continious Data Protection (CDP) Plugin
- Global Director Autoprune flag
- Events/Audit features
- New Baculum features
- Support for GPFS

- New Prune Command Option
- Dynamic Client Address Directive
- Ability to disable Volume Retention
- Ask to mount/create volume when the disk space is low
- Simplification of the Windows FileSet with File=/
- Use of QT5 for Bat on Windows
- Support for Windows files with non-UTF16 names
- Windows Snapshot management has been improved
- Support for the system.cifs_acl extended attribute backup with Linux CIFS
- Built-in Client Scheduler
- Reload command improvements (Keep IP address, Maximum Concurrent value, ...)
- Support for GLOB pattern in Console ACL directives
- Faster CRC32 algorithm

Please see the New Features chapter of the manual for documentation on
the new features.