We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 11.0.6 to both the Bacula website (www.bacula.org) and to SourceForge. Thank you for using Bacula.

This is a major new release with many new features and a number of
changes. Please take care to test this code carefully before putting it into
production. Although the new features have been tested, they have not run in a
production environment.


As always, both the Director and Storage daemon(s) must be upgraded at
the same time. Any File daemon running on the same machine as a Director
or Storage daemon must be of the same version.

Older File Daemons should be compatible with the 11.0 Director and Storage
daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File Daemons.

New Catalog format in version 11.0 and greater

This release of Bacula uses a new catalog format. We provide a set of scripts
that permit to convert a 9.x and earlier versions to the new 11.0.0 format
(1023). Normally, it is automatic, though this is a big change that takes
longer than usual. The upgrade process will require more or less twice the
size of the actual database.

This database upgrade should significantly increase performance when inserting
large number of Jobs with lots of Files into the database catalog.

If you start from scratch, you don't need to run the update_bacula_tables
script because the create_bacula_tables script automatically creates the new
table format. However, if you are using a version of Bacula older than 5.0.0
(e.g. 3.0.3) then you need to run the update_bacula_tables script that will be
found in the bacula/src/cats directory after you run the ./configure command.
As mentioned above, before running this script, please backup your catalog
database, and when you do running it, be sure shutdown Bacula and be aware that
running the script can take some time depending on your database size.

S3 Cloud Driver
To build the S3 Storage Cloud Driver, it is required to download and
install the libs3 available on https://www.bacula.org/downloads/libs3-20200523.tar.gz
Release 11.0.6 10 March 2022

11.0.6 is an important bug fix and security release. We advise all 11.0.x users
to upgrade to this version.

- Adjust sample-query.sql file for new catalog schema
- Fix #2654 About compilation issue on Alpine Linux
- Fix #2656 About segfault in XATTR code for FreeBSD
- Fix #7776 About FD error not correctly reported in the job log
- Fix #7998 About dir crashing for client intiated backup
- Fix #8126 About strange ouput for the .status client command
- Fix MySQL default connection in the grant_mysql_privileges script
- Fix db_get_accurate_jobids() with concurrent queries on the same jobs
- Fix issue with MySQL 8 in src/cats/grant_mysql_privileges
- Fix detection of PSK
- Fix org#2622 About incorrect behavior of the MaxDiffInterval directive
- Fix org#2623 About .ls/estimate command not printing files correctly
- Fix org#2627 About DIR crashing for copy jobs and resource rename

- win32: Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.1.1m

- Got regression testing working correctly on FreeBSD

- Update depkgs version to use latest libs3

- baculum: Add API endpoints for basic user management
- baculum: Add JSON output parameter to show client(s), show job(s), show pool(s) API endpoints
- baculum: Add capability to assign dedicated bconsole config file to API basic users
- baculum: Add capability to close modal windows on clicking gray shadow
- baculum: Add capability to provide translated directive documentation file
- baculum: Add capability to use pre-defined paths in API config wizard - idea proposed by Heitor Faria
- baculum: Add console page to configure consoles
- baculum: Add copy resource function to enable duplicating resources
- baculum: Add director show API endpoint
- baculum: Add documentation for directives
- baculum: Add interface to manage basic users API from Web component side
- baculum: Add jump to previous/next error navigation in messages window
- baculum: Add new columns to job list page - idea proposed by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Add option to enable/disable messages log window - idea proposed by Bill Arlofski
- baculum: Add password generator added to password fields
- baculum: Add time range filters to job history page - idea proposed by Heitor Faria
- baculum: Add to API deleting volume from the catalog endpoint
- baculum: Add to config API endpoint parameter to apply jobdefs in results
- baculum: Add to directive controls option to hide reset button and remove button
- baculum: Add warning to running job status if job needs media
- baculum: Apply PRADO framework patches to support PHP 8
- baculum: Backup job wizard improvements
- baculum: Change buttons on dasboard page - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Do not require using some job resource values to ease using jobdefs - idea proposed by Heitor Faria
- baculum: Enlarge boxes with resource count in status director - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Fix #2642 add tool to re-assigning volumes from one pool to another
- baculum: Fix #2646 apply new user permissions immediately instead of after logging out and logging in
- baculum: Fix #2647 PHP warning about headers already sent on storage view page
- baculum: Fix #2653 create new resource by copying configuration from other resource
- baculum: Fix auto-scrolling in windows with configuration
- baculum: Fix component autochanger schemas in OpenAPI documentation
- baculum: Fix displaying directive sections in resouce configuration
- baculum: Fix displaying documentation for jobdefs directives
- baculum: Fix displaying issue in restore browser - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Fix error about expected port number when writing component main resource
- baculum: Fix legend in job status pie chart on job view page
- baculum: Fix loading dashboard page if job status is created but not yet running
- baculum: Fix missing texts in translation files - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Fix opening job details in job table on main dashboard page - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Fix problem with listing directories in restore wizard - reported by Tomasz Swiderski
- baculum: Fix remove storage resource if autochanger directive is set
- baculum: Fix required fields in jobdefs forms
- baculum: Fix running job number on some pages
- baculum: Fix table width on schedule list page
- baculum: Fix undefined index error if user did not use Bacula configuration function
- baculum: Improve checking director in status director API endpoint
- baculum: Improve sun icon for displaying job status weather - idea proposed by Heitor Faria
- baculum: Improve wizards view and responsivity
- baculum: Loading pages optimization
- baculum: Make job status pie chart clickable and direct to job history page with filtered results - idea proposed by Bill Arlofski
- baculum: Make job status pie chart smaller - idea proposed by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Make table texts translatable - reported by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Misc visual improvements
- baculum: Move all external dependencies to vendor directory
- baculum: Move resource monitor and error message box to separate modules
- baculum: New advanced schedule settings
- baculum: New copy job wizard
- baculum: New delete volumes bulk action on volume list page
- baculum: New director page with graphical/text status and with configure director resources
- baculum: New migrate job wizard
- baculum: Reduce free space between interface elements - idea proposed by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Reduce size of icons in run job window and on dashboard page
- baculum: Remove old configure page
- baculum: Remove redundant statistics pages
- baculum: Reorganize dasboard page - idea proposed by Sergey Zhidkov
- baculum: Set responsive priority for job list table
- baculum: Unify buttons view
- baculum: Unset default API host setting if default API host is no longer assigned to user
- baculum: Update API documentation
- baculum: Update Polish translations
- baculum: Update Portuguese translations
- baculum: Update Russian translations

- baculum: Visual improvements in interface

- rpms: Disable tcp_wrapper for rhel8 in bacula.spec.in
- rpms: Do not build with tcp_wrapper on Fedora 31
- rpms: Fix #2599 - bacula-postgresql conflicts with bacula-mysql
- rpms: Fix #2615 - Missing bacula-sd-cloud-s3-driver-.so
- rpms: Fix libs3 installation path
- rpms: Fix mysql devel package dependency for rhel/centos 7
- rpms: Remove tcp_wrappers for cloud-storage rpm

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2599 2615 2622 2623 2627 2642 2646 2647 2653 2654 2656 7776 7998 8126