We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 7.4.3.

This is a bug fix release. Primarily to correct the GCC 6.0 bug (for more see below).

As a reminder, the Windows File Daemon is available for download on the www.bacula.org web site for personal use. Since there are no updates to the Windows FD, version 7.4.2 does not exist. Consequently, please use the Windows FD version 7.4.0.

Work is progressing on the next major version, which will have several major new features. It will probably take another couple of months to complete the work and ensure that it is stable. I will let you know as it progresses.

Thank you for using Bacula.


Release Notes for Bacula 7.4.3

Release version 7.4.3

This is a bug fix release. Most importantly, it fixes the new GCC 6.0 aggressive compiler behavior that elides (deletes) code written by the Bacula developers. There is no benefit to the new GCC agressive optimization and it breaks a lot of programs including Bacula. This problem showed up on ArchLinux and Fedora 24.

– Add LICENSE and LICENSE-FOSS files to the documentation
– Add shortcut to RunScript console commands. Submitted by Wanderlei Huttel.
Fixes bug #2224
– Fail when multiple mailcommand and other strings are specified in .conf. Fixes
bug #2222
– Add support for terabytes in sizes. Submitted by Wanderlei Huttel. Fixes bug
– Add error message for truncate command when actiononpurge not set. Fixes bug
– Fix optimization error with GCC 6.1
– Fix compilation warnings with GCC 6.1
– Explicitly create MySQL user in grant_mysql_privileges.in

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2221 2222 2223 2224

New feature:
– There are two new Director directives that simplify doing
console commands rather than using RunScripts. They are
ConsoleRunBeforeJob = “console-command”
ConsoleRunAfterJob = “console-command”