We are pleased to announce the minor bug and refactoring release version 9.2.1.

This is a bug fix release. It also contains some refactoring. That said,
there are 10,909 lines of diff between release 9.2.0 and this release.

One major improvement is that this release should eliminate the persistent
problem we have seen with MySQL unhappy with zero DATETIME fields. If you
have problems with that, please simply execute the script update_bacula_tables
found in the /src/cats library. It will modify the table default
values for DATETIME fields to be friendly to the whims of MySQL and MariaDB.
Note, this script should be used only if you have already upgraded to Bacula
version 9.2.0. It will modify the attributes of several of the table columns in
a non-destructive manor, but will not change the Bacula catalog version (16).
If you use the script to create the tables, you do not need to run the update

– baculum: Fix saving directives in messages resource
– Refactoring of BSOCK and introducing BSOCKCORE.
– baculum: Update API documentation
– baculum: Add status endpoint to available scopes endpoints
– Make print_ls_output identify delete files more clearly
– Backport stored/vbackup.c
– baculum: Add status director and status storage endpoints
– baculum: Add type and level filters to jobs endpoint
– baculum: Add support for .api 2 command in bconsole module
– Implement a keepalive on bpipe sockets fixes bug #2347
– Backport bpipe enhancements
– Permit catalog to contain negative FileIndexes
– Fix bug #2319 wrong port value stored in bsock giving incorrect error messages
– baculum: Add to jobs endpoint filtering by client and clientid
– Fix bug #2410 bdirjson output incorrect for day greater than 24
– Attempt to avoid MySQL complaints about not allowing zero or empty in DATETIME
– Add M_SECURITY when connection is bad + fix bug where invalid probes sent to
– baculum: Fix schedule single day value setting
– Fix bug #2286 copied jobs always have level=Incremental
– baculum: Fix add slot parameter to label command
– baculum: Fix restoring backup from deleted clients
– baculum: Fix click action on remove config resource button
– baculum: Fix framework validation for active list type controls
– baculum: Implement ideas from Wanderlei Huttel
– Fix bug 2395 problem with man dir
– baculum: Fix saving subresources in config
– Start work on HAVE_CLIENT_ONLY install
– Switch to using /lib/systemd/system to install service files
– Install Bacula systemd files in /etc/systemd/system
– baculum: Update Portuguese translations
– baculum: Fix group most recent backups option in restore wizard for mysql
– Fix bug #2404 uninstall systemd service
– Fix warning during compilations of mainwin.cpp
– baculum: Implement second part ideas and fixes proposed by Wanderlei Huttel
– Update catalog update scripts in updatedb directory
– Fix bug #2340. Display of db_driver
– Add warning messages for bad or old self-signed certificates
– baculum: Fix #2403 error while writing diraddress directive in Bacula config
– baculum: Implement ideas and fixes proposed by Wanderlei Huttel
– baculum: Update Portuguese translations
– baculum: Fix pool does not exist error on pool details page
– baculum: Fix create directive base method
– rpm: Fix MySQL dependency on bacula-postgresql package

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2410 2389 2286 2319 2340 2347 2357 2403 2404 2405 2395 2392

Thank you for using Bacula. Be happy.