We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 9.6.6 to both the Bacula website (www.bacula.org) and to SourceForge.

This is a minor bug fix release. Unless there is some new major bug found,this will be the last of the 9.6.x releases. The next release major release (a really big one) is currently scheduled for December. More about this in a subsequent status report ...

- baculum: Fix displaying date and time on volume view page
- baculum: Fix #2564 changing volume status to Read-Only
- baculum: Fix saving multicombobox control values
- baculum: Fix multicombobox and multitextbox controls to work with PHP 7.4
- baculum: Fix #2562 displaying date and time in tables on Safari
- Update copyright year
- Clarify SD vbackup device error message
- Fix MT2554 :update upload_cache call in dircmd.c
- zero malloced memory when SMARTALLOC not enabled
- baculum: Fix #2558 saving day or day range in schedule resource - reported b
Jose Alberto
- Fix MT2554 :upgrade upload_cache interface.
- Eliminate compiler errors when smartalloc is turned off
- baculum: Fix date formatter to work with PHP 7.4
- baculum: Fix configure Bacula hosts page to work with PHP 7.4
- baculum: Update Portuguese translations
- baculum: Change colours in table headers and borders
- baculum: Add remove runscript button
- Fix #6366 About an issue with verify job level=DiskToCatalog
- baculum: Close modal windows on pressing ESC key
- baculum: Fix logout button on authorization failed page
- baculum: Add local user authentication method support
- baculum: Add date and time formatters - idea proposed by Wanderlei Huttel
- baculum: Enable re-running jobs in async way and visual improvements
- baculum: Change cursor over selectable table
- Fix build script copyright detection
- release: add code to detect Bacula Systems copyrights and fail release
- Fix compilation of bsnapshot on Fedora

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2558 6366