We are pleased to announce the release of Bacula version 9.6.7 to both the Bacula website (www.bacula.org) and to SourceForge.

This is a minor bug fix that corrects among other things the MySQL/MariaDB
schemas. This is the last release of the 9.6.x series.

– Restore custom permission of symlink on FreeBSD and MacOS
– Fix #2582 bextract is broken for sparse gzip and compressed streams
– Fix org#2567 device capabilities overwritten
– baculum: Update script version
– Fix org#2573 About Syntax error in granting privileges script with MySQL if –with-db-password parameter is used
– Fix org#2471 About deleted files are listed as being present in an accurate backup by various sample queries
– Fix org#2571 About errors in es_AR.po file
– Fix org#2568 About compilation issue on gcc10
– Fix org#2584 About inconsitancies in the make_mysql_tables script
– baculum: Fix English text noticed by Peter McDonald
– baculum: Update Russian translations
– baculum: Update Portuguese translations
– baculum: Implement graphical status storage
– baculum: Add gauge.js library
– baculum: Add json output option to show storages and show single storage endpoints
– baculum: Add path field to restore wizard to narrow down search file results to specific path – idea proposed by Wanderlei Huttel
– baculum: Add path parameter to job files API endpoint
– baculum: Fix #2565 status icon overlaps action buttons in API wizard
– baculum: Add Sergey Zhidkov to AUTHORS
– baculum: Add Russian translations
– baculum: Fix access to job resources if no job assigned to user
– baculum: Update Portuguese translations
– baculum: Ajax queue improvement in framework
– baculum: Fix renaming config resources
– baculum: Add graphs to job view page
– baculum: Fix using offset in job file list query with MySQL catalog database
– baculum: Show more detailed job file list – idea proposed by Wanderlei Huttel
– baculum: Rework job file list API endpoint
– baculum: Add searching jobs by filename in restore wizard – idea proposed by Wanderlei Huttel
– baculum: Add job files API endpoint
– Add code to retry a MySQL query after a deadlock
– baculum: Update Portuguese translations
– baculum: Add default days and limit values to status schedules API endpoint
– baculum: Fix displaying multitextbox and multicombobox directive controls
– baculum: Fix date filter on status schedule page
– baculum: Fix #2570 fileset excludes settings with PHP 7.4
– baculum: New features and improvements to multi-user interface and restricted access