I would like to briefly talk about the following things:

1. Status of Bacula version 7.0.0

2. The Bacula Conference

Status of Bacula version 7.0.0:

What is completed is the following:

  • Bacula 7.0.0 source release
  • Bacula 7.0.0 new features documentation
  • New Bacula documentation look + fixed links
  • A new open source License for the documentation (Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License)
  • The new open source Bacula license, which  is the same AGPLv3 license,  but with attributions and other clarifications kindly edited by the Free Software Foundation.

What is not finished is the following:

  • Testing Bacula 7.0.0 for compatibility with older File daemons.  I think I can finish this by tomorrow (28 March 2014) or by the latest Monday.
  • Building Bacula binaries.  As you probably know, since Scott Barninger left the project after many years (many thanks Scott) we have not found a new packager.  On the other hand, the Bacula Systems packager works for me, and I have arranged for him to build the Bacula 7.0.0.  The first ones will probably be produced in early April, and as time goes we will add more and more, then in subsequent released they should quickly be available.
  • The new Bacula website.  I think this will be well enough along by Friday that we can switch from the current website to the new one.
  • The new Windows binaries, which should be ready by the first few weeks of April (or maybe even sooner).

It will be a lot of work coordinating it, because there are a lot of changes.

The Bacula Conference:

For me the Bacula conference was a great success.  In total there were over 50 people who attended, and everyone stayed until the very end.  The highlights were a Bacula Systems sponsored buffet dinner the evening of the 20th, Bacula Systems sponsored buffet lunch on the 21st, a good number of excellent presentations, a prize (a Samsung Galaxy 10″ tablet), which was won by a young woman answered the question: “Why is 21 March 2014 so special to Kern”.  Quite a few guessed it was my birthday, but she also gave my age!

If you are interested in the presentations (mine includes a mention of the main new features in 7.0.0) please go to the following link:

Bacula Conference Presentations