1. Baculum Ubuntu/Debian packages

Preparing Baculum to use from bacula-gui source archive requires going
through a few steps as manual web server configuration, PHP installation
with dependencies, setting up authentication to Baculum. These actions
may need a few attempts and may take a little time.

For this reason, we have prepared Baculum binary packages for
Ubuntu/Debian distributions. Packages are available in Lauchpad.net
service here:


Please note that it is an unofficial repository nevertheless the repository
is maintained by Baculum author.

2. Baculum online demo version

You will find the Baculum online demo version available here:


login: admin, password: admin

The running version of the demo is based on a git snapshot that comes from the Bacula GUI repository and is rebuilt on a hourly basis (database, volumes, etc.)

3. Upcoming features

Within almost one year, a lot of new features have been introduced into Baculum (available from Bacula GUI repository)

Here below are listed the major changes:

– Stability and performance improvements
– Jobs graphs
– Running jobs are refreshed in real time
– Verify Jobs support
– Execute action on multiple volumes (prune, purge, delete) and jobs (delete) at a time
– Polish translation
– Enabled support to run Baculum in web server document root sub-directory