We have released version 7.0.0 to Source Forge.

Please be aware that this is a major new version and thus please test it carefully before putting it into production. Since there are so many changes (mostly backports from the Enterprise version), I expect to have a few problems even though we have done very heavy testing. Note, this code has a very large number of bug fixes.

Please note that we have done a good deal of cleanup so many of the old, unused directories such as gnome-console, tray-monitor, wx-console, and win32 are removed from the bacula directory. In addition, we have removed everything from the gui directory as it contained only old programs that were no longer maintained. There is one new addition to the gui directory, which is the new baculum web gui program. In addition, a number of directories have been removed from the docs release (but not yet from the docs git repository).

The new version 7.0.0 source code is published on Source Forge as well as in Branch-7.0 of the bacula git public repository. The docs are also available in the docs git public repository, and are also in Branch-7.0. Since there were a number of significant changes with the documentation build process the upload of the docs to the website does not yet totally work. There is a strange layout problem with the main page of the pdf that does not show up in directly reading the downloaded pdf, and there seem to be a number of missing icons for the html documents (annoying but apparently not critical) that I will correct in the coming days.

In addition the new website has been activated. If you experience problems, please do not hesitate to signal them to me at: kern at sibbald dot com. If you want to get to the old website it can be accessed at old.bacula.org, but will in the long term be eliminated.

We are still working on new Windows binaries as well as releasing a full set of binaries for many platforms. Hopefully that will be finished before the end of April.

Thank you for your ongoing support and your patience in waiting for this release. I hope that you will find it satisfactory.