This is a bug fix release to version 7.0.4.   Since it fixes several
major problems, we recommend that everyone upgrade to this version.

As usual, the source code has been uploaded to the Bacula project of Source Forge.

– Fix #547 by adding .schedule command
– Update AUTHORS
– Fix bug #2079 with patch from Robert Oschwald
– Fix orphaned file descriptors during errors
– Yet another client==NULL
– Improve FD and SD cancel
– Jim Raney’s TLS patch
– Fix bug #1679 pool overrides not shown in manual run display
– Attempt to avoid client==NULL
– Fix for bug #2082 (hopefully)
– Fix seg fault in jobq.c
– make stop after first error
– Increase status schedule days from 500 to 3000
– Remove bad cherry-pick
– Fix compiler warning
– Allow options create_postgresql_database from patch in bug #2075 by roos
– Fix bug #2074 crashes when no conf file present
– Set pthread id in jcr at beginning so the job can be cancelled.
– Fix possible heartbeat interval timing problems
– Fix some errors reported by valgrind. May fix the problem with bsmtp command.
– Ensure b_sterror() is using the correct size of input buffer
– Fix possible seg fault
– Fix segfault when trying to stop the bnet_server thread in terminate_stored()
– Fix bad link bug #2076
– Fix compilation of bsock.c when TLS is not available
– Correct L suffix to be LL
– Fix bad copy/migrate data header
– On termination shutdown thread server
– baculum: Updated README file
– baculum: Update English language texts
– baculum: Saving auth file for web server HTTP Basic auth
– baculum: Added directory for web server logs
– baculum: Added example Lighttpd configuration for Baculum and sample web
server auth file
– Expanded auth error message
– baculum: Support for web servers which do not provide direct info about HTTP
Basic auth
– Fix limit bandwidth calculation
– Eliminate strcpy() from bsmtp
– Fix for configuring sudo option for bconsole access
– Display correct NextPool overrides + use Job NextPool in restore if available
– Fix Bacula to work with newer Windows pthreads library
– Fix bug #180 ERR=success in btape when tape error

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
1679 180 2074 2075 2076 2079 2082 547