We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 7.4.2.

This version consists of mainly bug fixes. The most important fix is for
MySQL 5.7, which no longer is distributed with a libmysqlxx_r (thread-safe
or reentant) file. This caused Bacula linked for MySQL to fail at startup.

If you are a packager, I strongly advise you to take the 7.4.2 version since
it corrects a number of problems related to packaging and installation. If
you are already running Bacula version 7.4.0, it is not urgent to upgrade
unless you find a problem you are experiencing on the list of fixes (see
ReleaseNotes below). There is no database update required from 7.4.0 or
7.4.1, but as usual all Storage Daemons must be updated to the same version
as your Director (presumably 7.4.2).

As a reminder, the Windows File Daemon is available for download on the
www.bacula.org web site for personal use. Since there are no updates to the
Windows FD, version 7.4.2 does not exist. Consequently, please use the
Windows FD version 7.4.0.

Work is progressing on the next version, which will have several major new
features. It will probably take another couple of months to complete the
work and ensure that it is stable. I will let you know as it progresses.

Thank you for using Bacula.


Release Notes for Bacula 7.4.2

Release version 7.4.2

This is an important bug fix release to version 7.4.1 mainly
fixes detection of MySQL 5.7 (as found in Ubuntu 16.04). Certain bug
fixes contributed by Bacula Systems.

– Fix #1926 about wrong duplicate job detection with Copy/Migration and
Backup jobs
– Recompile configure after db.m4 change
– Fix batch insert for MySQL 5.7
– Fix zero level debug output — now at 100
– Fix #766 about Job logs displayed with unneeded linefeed
– Fix #1902 about a segfault with the “cancel inactive” command
– Fix bug where MySQL 5.7 is improperly linked on Ubuntu 16.04

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
1902 1926 766