I am pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.0.5
This is an important bug fix release. In particular it fixes the cases
where Bacula would print a very large number of error messages. Additional
backported code from Bacula Enterprise is included as well as updates to
the rpm scripts. A number of minor Baculum issues have also been

– Use if exists on dropping MAC table in postgres. Fixes bug #2314
– Fix bdirjson display of Minutes. Fixes bug #2318
– baculum: Set default language if no language set
– baculum: Fix language setting in api
– baculum: Update generated .mo files for api
– baculum: Add missing texts to translations
– baculum: Fix add to translation static texts on the api default page
– baculum: Fix missing session start
– Make verify job log same as other logs — fixes bug #2328
– Take a more conservative approach for setting killable true
– Add extra safety for readdir buffer

– Retab systemd/Makefile.in
– Don’t require mount for @piddir@
– Use Debian systemd start/stop scripts supplied by Sven Hartge

– Fix bug #2316 add CacheRetention to Pool
– Skip tape ioctls on FreeBSD when using a FIFO fixes bug #2324
– Fix bug #2338 to not truncate already truncated volumes
– Remove some old C int code and use bool

– Remove unused lib/lz4.c.orig file
– Update AUTHORS file
– Mark Volume read-only only if no access rights or read-only partition
– Add -P daemon option to supress creating PID file
– Fix too big copy to test FD plugin_ctx

– Backport Enterprise code

– When read-only volume found mark it in catalog — fixes bug #2337
– Make out of space on partition fatal
– Fix bug 2323 — loop exit condition was backward and add error message
– Add missing copy-plugin-confs for regress
– Fix bug reported by jesper@schmitz.computer where bat hangs on FreeBSD

– baculum: Fix reading and writing schedule resource

– baculum: Fix undefined offset error during saving director config
– baculum: Fix listing days of week in schedule setting

– baculum: Fix saving schedule run directive value

– rpm: Add missing script baculabackupreport and query.sql for Suse
– rpm: Add missing libbacsd* file and tapealert script to Suse rpm spec file
– rpm: Add missing libs bbconsjson, bdirjson and bsdjson to Suse rpm spec
– rpm: Add aligned plugin rpm spec file for Suse
– rpm: Add bacula-tray-monitor.desktop launcher in scripts directory
– rpm: Add Suse Linux ES 12.1 platform

– rpm: Add bacula-tray-monitor.desktop file in script dir

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2314 2316 2318 2324 2328 2337 2338

Thanks for using Bacula.