The topics for this Status Report are:

1. Bacula Release Status

2. Bacula Binaries

3. Windows Binaries

4. macOS Binaries

5. New Services


1. Bacula Release Status

The latest Bacula version 13.0.1 was released to Source Forge and to This version includes many enhancements like the
new Storage Group support for the Dir and the SD, a Kubernetes plugin,
a new Accurate option to update only meta data during an incremental
backup job, external LDAP support for Console and many more.

Note: The version 13.0.0 has a problem to start the Storage Daemon systemd

2. Bacula Binaries
Thanks to the build support from Bacula Systems, we now have binaries for a
number of popular distributions. If you need additional distributions,
please notify us on the bacula-users email list.

The release format is with standard packaging using debs rpms, ... that are
specific to each system. However, unlike most Linux distributions, we
install the Community Binaries into the directory /opt/bacula as
recommended in the Bacula manual and as used by the Bacula Enterprise
Edition. This Bacula file release standard is not uncommon and vastly
simplifies installation, support, backup and recovery of Bacula itself.
Basically, most of the release will be installed into /opt/bacula except
for the few system files that must be placed in certain locations such as
the start/stop scripts and the man text.

To register and get access to Bacula pre-built binaries please go to and on the main menu bar select Downloads -> Bacula Binary
Package Download, then fill out the registration. Note, ultimately you
will receive a special download link that will give you access to the
binaries. Please keep that link for future access to the binary repository
for updates and new releases.

3. Windows Binaries
They can be found in -> Downloads -> Windows Binaries

4. macOS Binaries
New macOS packages can be found in -> Downloads -> Deb, RPM and
OSx Packages

5. Project Services Update server had a serious hardware issue in June. We have been able to
recover most of the data, and we have moved the services to a new location. It
is now hosted by Bacula Systems in a secured environment. We are in the process of
converting and upgrading our different web services (cgit, mantis, cdash, wiki) to
an on-premise gitlab ultimate instance. This will take a bit of time
and I will keep you updated. If you have an account in Mantis, you will receive
an activation email for the new Gitlab instance.

Unfortunately, CDASH and the Wiki are still not available today - we anticipate these
will be replaced by Gitlab. Indeed, the wiki has already been ported into

The archive of the Wiki is available on:

Thanks for using Bacula — be happy because there is much more to come!