The new Bacula version 7.0.0 is coming along quite well.  We still need to do compatibility testing to ensure that old FDs are compatible.

The new manual is looking nice. Unfortunately it will need to wait another couple months to get the cleanup, but at least the links are now fixed.

The only missing piece for the release is the documentation of the new features that we will finish shortly after the conference (see below).

The new website is almost finished too and will probably replace the old website before the end of next week.

Tomorrow, we are off to the first international Bacula Conference in Berlin where we have a really nice event planned — thanks to our sponsors.  I will officially announce the new Bacula 7.0.0 release, which should be released before the end of the month.

There will be more than 50 people at the conference with people from all over Europe and indeed the world.  Thanks to every who is coming. I look forward to meeting as many as I can, as does the rest of the team.  I also look forward to giving away the 10″ Android tablet to the lucky (or smart) winner!