This 5.0.3 version is significant bug fix update to version 5.0.2.
It includes new code and some new features.
There is no database change since prior versions of 5.0.

Note, if you are running 5.0.0, read the 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 release notes below in
the 5.0.1 release section.  Important!!!

As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at
the same time.

Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.0.3
Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File

Changes and New Features:
– If a VSS (Windows) snapshot fails, the whole Job is failed, previously
it printed a warning message and continued.
– New editing codes %b = Job Bytes and %f = Job Files for runscripts
– Any non-Bacula project plugins (i.e. third party plugins)
must be upgraded to specify AGPLv3 in place of the GPLv2 used previously
– The bat Media page text columns can be sorted by clicking on the column.
– If possible, the SD will automatically update the catalog Volume size if
it does not match the Volume size. The mismatch between the Volume sizes
typically occurs when the FD has a comm line drop or the FD crashes.

Bug fixes
1538 1554 1564 1567 1568 1569 1571 1577 1581 1582 1587 1594 1595 1606 1610

– Change license from GPLv2 to AGPLv3
– Make Win32 no filesystem change more explicit
– Backport Branch-4.0 release to Branch-5.0
– Massive backport from Branch-5.1 to Branch-5.0
– Fix postgresql catalog creation when version is not on the first line
– Fix bug #1610 handle empty xattr values on Linux and xBSD.
– Garbage collect memory pool at end of job and before sm_dump
– Add xattr seg fault protection suggested by Marco for bug #1610
– Add archlinux to os.m4
– More fixes for 32/64 bit problems in smartall
– Fix 32/64 bit problem in smartalloc dump routine
– Fix bad copy/paste in commit c88dccb88 prably a seg fault
– Add .dump and .exit commands for daemons
– Make SD automatically fix the Volume size in the Catalog when out of sync
– Use Pmsg in smartall.c rather than printf for tracing Windows
– Up maximum block size to 20M
– Fix for TLS bugs #1568 and #1599
– Improve comm line error handling for TLS, may fix bug #1568 and #1599
– Fix problem when sending Cancel event to plugin
– Convert all Jmsg on the watchdog thread to Qmsg
– Fix SD crash due to mismatched lock/unlock in error condition
– Fix bug #1587 if you have clients with different catalogs configured, both
catalogs contains all clients after a reload or restart of the dir
– Fix bug #1577 During migration: ERROR in block.c:950 Failed ASSERT: dev->is_open()
by moving and commenting out the ASSERT()
– Skip HB kill in FD if HB thread terminated
– Fix crash from unequal volume_lock/unlock calls
– New prunning algorithm — should be more accurate
– Save any dumps during regression to dumps directory
– Fix crash from rw_lock/unlock miss match
– Attempt to fix duplicate job kill seg fault
– Replace pthread_kill by my_thread_send_signal() in jcr.c
– fix #1595 about batch mode detection problem for postgresql with non standard
install dir
– Fix #1594 about prune copy jobs
– Apply literal string fix in printf submitted by Luca Berra
– Fix bug #1582 Restore from multiple storage daemons breaks subsequent backups
– Fix segfault on “cancel jobid=” command
– Fix bug #1554 Windows installer doesn’t honor /S flag
– Remove pool zap code that breaks 2drive-concurrent-test
– Fix #1571 and install libraries with 755 perms
– Fix bug #1581 ASSERTs in src/dird/jobq.c can never trigger
– Fix problem with BaseJob and Accurate FileSet options on client side
– Fix for bug #1569 deadlock/crash in Dir
– Fix segfault when loading Plugins
– Fix #1567 about display of long volume names truncated during restore
– Added new bacula-libs package.
– Fix bug #1538 Start Scripts return incorrect value
– Fix bug #1564 init scripts not LSB compliant

See ChangeLog for more details.