We have released Bacula Version 5.2.1 to Source Forge

Release Notes for Bacula 5.2.1

Bacula code: Total files = 1,110 Total lines = 231,439 (Using SLOCCount)


This 5.2.1 version is a major release since the last version 5.0.3.
It includes well over 299,387 lines of changes made by 20 contributors,
lots of bug fixes (see below), 1,851 software commits,and a
number of important new features:

Version 5.2.0
Version 5.2.0 was short lived, because Marco (thanks) found
a number of last minute bugs. So the first official release of 5.2
is 5.2.1.

As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at
the same time.

Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.2.1
Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File

Main New Features:
– LZO Compression
– New Tray Monitor
– Purge Migration Job
– Changes in Bvfs (Bacula Virtual FileSystem)
– Changes in the Pruning Algorithm
– Ability to Verify any specified Job
– Additions to RunScript variables
– Additions to the Plugin API
– ACL enhancements
– XATTR enhancements
– Class Based Database Backend Drivers
– Hash List Enhancements

Some of the above are described below; all the above are
described in more detail in the New Features chapter of the
Closed Bugs since 5.0.3:
1389 1444 1448 1466 1467 1468 1476 1481 1486 1488 1493 1494 1497 1499 1501
1502 1504 1509 1511 1513 1516 1524 1526 1527 1532 1536 1538 1541 1542 1549
1551 1553 1554 1558 1559 1560 1564 1567 1568 1569 1571 1574 1577 1581 1582
1584 1587 1594 1595 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 1606 1608 1610 1612 1623 1624
1633 1643 1648 1655 1661 1664 1666 1669 1672 1675 1684 1685 1695 1696 1699
1700 1703 1735 1741 1749 1751 1761 1762 1764 1768 1770 1771 2710

================== Warning !!!!!! ==========================

The new pruning algorithm will not allow pruning of jobs that are essential
restore since the last Full backup. This is, of course, correct and desirab
but it is different from older Bacula versions that could inappropriately
prune jobs. Pruning of volumes is not affected.

Building Bat:
To build Bat, you need Qt4 version 4.6.2.  If you build with any other
version it is likely not to work.  If you do not have version 4.6.2, on
your system, you can download the Bacula depkgs_qt version 16Dec10.

Packaging the SQL backend:
The main Bacula Director code is independent of the SQL backend
in this version. This means that the Bacula Director can be packaged
by itself, then each of the different SQL backends supported can
be packaged separately.  It is possible to build all the DB backends
at the same time.

– configure can be run with multiple database configure options.

Order of testing for database is
– postgresql
– mysql
– sqlite3

Each configured backend generates a libbaccats-<backend_name>-<version>.so
A dummy catalog library is created named libbaccats-version.so

At configure time the first detected backend is used as the so called defaul
backend and at install time the dummy libbaccats-<version>.so is replaced wi
the default backend type.

If you configure all 3 backends you get 3 backend libraries and the postgres
gets installed as the default.  When you want to switch the default you can
copy one of the 3 backend libraries over the libbaccats-<version>.so e.g.

cp libbaccats-postgresql-<version>.so libbaccats-<version>.so

And update the default backend in the following files:


New Catalog format in version 5.2.0 and greater
This release of Bacula uses a new catalog format. We provide a set of
scripts that permit to convert a 5.0.x (version 12) catalog to 5.2.1 (versio
14).  The Bacula project rpm spec files have been modified to
detect the database change and do the upgrade for you.  We strongly
recommend that you save a copy of your existing database before upgrading
using rpms.

The simplest way to upgrade the database assuming you are building from
source (i.e. manually):
1. Stop any current version of Bacula from running.
2. Save a copy of your existing database.
3. Configure, build, and install the 5.2.1 version of Bacula
Note the new ./configure options in the manuals see the link
at the bottom of this file.
4. cd <your-scripts-installation-directory>
5. ./update_bacula_tables
6. If you have multiple catalogs, edit the update_bacula_tables
script and put the name of another database, and then
execute the script again. Repeat this until all Bacula
catalogs have been updated.
7. Start the new Bacula.  If everything worked, it should
not print any error messages.
If you start from scratch, you don’t need to run the update_bacula_tables
script because the create_bacula_tables script automatically creates the new
table format.  However, if you are using a version of Bacula older than 5.0.
(e.g.  3.0.3) then you need to run the update_bacula_tables script that will
be found in the <bacula>/src/cats directory after you run the ./configure
command.  As mentioned above, before running this script, please backup your
catalog database, and when you do running it, be sure shutdown Bacula and be
aware that running the script can take some time depending on your database



Speed and Memory Usage Enhancements:
– Implement LZO compression algorithm (need lzo2 headers to activate this op
– New Pruning algoritm — safer and faster
– Use of PostgreSQL cursor when doing large queries, should reduce the
memory usage during restore and accurate backups.
– limit command in some list commands
– Bacula Virtual File System for fast catalog access
– Faster crc32 algorithm

Security Enhancements:
– Additional security against injection of illegal characters
– Fix possible fnmatch problem

Features Enhancements:
– Improvements in ACL and xattr handling on additional platforms:
AIX, Darwind, FreeBSD, HPUX, IRIX, Solaris, Tru64
– Tray monitor for Windows
– New SQL backend and ./configure that permits building multiple catalog
backends in one build, and has the main Bacula core code totally independe
of the SQL backend, which should simplify packaging (only the
libbacsql.so/dll needs to be changed to switch from one database backend
to another (e.g. MySQL to PostgreSQL).
– Indent lsmark during restore
– Disable batch insert config item
– Director selection option in bconsole
– restorejob command in bconsole
– Many additional features for bat such as “brestore” panel
– The old bat version browser has been turned off since it does not
work correctly and the brestore panel provides the same functionality
– Improved hash table for hard links
– Additional script variable editing such as %b (JobBytes), %F (JobFiles)
and %h (Client Address)
Other Enhancements:
– Includes better handling for Windows repares points, mount points, and
junction points.
– New database format
– Many new plugin API features
– Improved memory handling for restores
– Significant stability enhancements to bat
– xattr/ACL restore failure are now printed as Warning
– A few path name length limits in Windows have been removed.