We have released Bacula Version 5.2.4 to Source Forge

Release Notes for Bacula 5.2.4

Bacula code: Total files = 1,110 Total lines = 231,439 (Using SLOCCount)

The 5.2.4 version is an bug fix release.

If you are upgrading directly from 5.0.3 to this version, please see the
important notices below for version 5.2.3, particularly
the database upgrade and the difference in packaging the
SQL shared libraries.

If you store .bsr or .mail files in the Bacula working
directory, please be aware that they will all be deleted
each time the Director starts.

As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at
the same time.

Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.2.3
Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File

Most important changes since 5.2.3:
– Fix LZO detection so that it correctly detects presense of header
– Switch the way we handle shared object versioning.
– Backport Enterprise spec files to platforms/rpms
– Switch to using Qt 4.7.4 (you must download new
– Update depkgs to depkgs-24Dec11.tar.gz
– Enhancements to File daemon and Storage daemon plugins
– Compiler warning cleanups
– xattr fixes
– Cleanup old files in the working directory when the Director starts

Changes since 5.2.3:

– Prepare for adding IPv6 to Windows in the future
– Fix bug #1822 Schedule run line parsing fails if value is keyword
– Revert to 5.0 size computation in accurate elements, may fix #1821
– Mark that a file was found in the accurate list in the ff_pkt with a
– Definitive fix for MySQL MaxValue problem bug #1810
– Initialize delta_seq to -1 because 0 means that we have already a version
– Adapt bfileview for bvfs tables
– Set job status to running when restore job really starts
– Remove ifdeffing that turned off JS_Warning status — must have been miss
test code
– Add support for soname setting in libtool.
– Fix bug #1815
– Fix systemd pid files.
– Limit migration/copy jobs to starting 100 at a time
– Avoid conflict with PAGE_SIZE define
– Send previous Job name during Incremental/Differential to the FD
– Fix bug #1811 Filed fails to backup more then one xattr.
– system.posix_acl_default is also an acl stored as xattr
– Fix bug #1807
– Add configure for new redhat spec files
– Backport Enterprise spec files
– Fix bad memset() reported by clang
– Test new plugin function in bpipe and test plugin
– Try to fix openssl problem with signal
– Add BSOCK::set_killable()
– Set directory attributes when using Replace=Never when Bacula creates the
– Use RestoreObject type in Catalog
– Add new features in plugin
– Add helper for ini files
– Implement run accurate=yes/no
– Add .bvfs_clear_cache
– Add Accurate and MaxRunSchedTime in Schedule resource
– Fix bug #1802 configure code to detect LZO is broken
– Fix bug #1806 failure to save second and more xattr.
– Add second xattr to show bug 1806
– Fix seg fault in plugin event loop
– Fix #3210 about slow restore with bvfs

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
1802 1806 1807 1810 1811 1815 1821 1822 3210