We have released Bacula Version 5.2.6 to Source Forge

Release Notes for Bacula 5.2.6

Bacula code: Total files = 1,110 Total lines = 231,439 (Using SLOCCount)

The 5.2.6 version is a bug fix release.

If you are upgrading directly from 5.0.3 to this version, please see the
important notices below for version 5.2.3, particularly
the database upgrade and the difference in packaging the
SQL shared libraries.

If you store .bsr or .mail files in the Bacula working
directory, please be aware that they will all be deleted
each time the Director starts.

As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at
the same time.

Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.2.3
Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File

New Feature:
– The restore tree cd command accepts wild cards within each
part of a path. Wild cards apply only to a single part at a
time: i.e. cd a*/b*/xx* will match abc/bcd/xxfxx
but */xx* will not match the above filename.

Changes since 5.2.5:

– Fix old exchange-fd plugin Accurate checkFile code.
– Insert the slot field as a numeric field.
– Fix #1831 by dropping the table before creating it
– Make cd accept wildcards
– Remove bad optimization from Accurate code
– Lock read acquire in SD to prevent to read jobs getting the same thing
– Implement more robust check in other drives for tape slot wanted
– Fix lost dcr point — memory loss in Copy/Migration + possible confusion
– Ensure that bvfs SQL link is not shared
– Fix error printing in acl and xattr code.
– Backport better error debug output for sd plugins.
– Add wait on bad connection for security
– Make mtx-changer more fault tolerant
– Fix 32/64 bit problems in SD sscanf commands
– Skip certain filesystem types on some platforms.
– Allow BVFS to browse and restore Base jobs
– Add error message to .bvfs_clear_cache command
– Fix plugin bug with multiple simultaneous jobs

Bugs fixed/closed since last release: