We have released Bacula Version 5.2.10 to Source Forge


The 5.2.10 version is a significant bug fix release including
our first cut of AFS support.
Please note that with this version of Bacula, during the install
of the shared libraries from the src/cats, src/lib, and src/findlib
directories, any old Bacula libraries in the installation
destination directory will be removed.  This should not cause
any problems and at least keeps the installation library cleaner.

For packagers, if you change options, naming, and the way
we link our shared object files, as at least one of you does,
you are creating a situation where the user may not be able
to run multiple versions of Bacula on the same machine, which
is often very useful, and in addition, you create a configuration
that the project cannot properly support.

If you are upgrading from a version older than 5.2.9, please
read all the old ReleaseNotes of all versions released
after the version you are upgrading from. There area
many important notices sumarized here, and we do not
repeat them each bug fix release.


As always, both the Director and Storage daemon must be upgraded at
the same time.

Older 5.0.x and 3.0.x File Daemons are compatible with the 5.2.9
Director and Storage daemons. There should be no need to upgrade older File

Major changes since 5.2.9:
– IPv6 networking should work correctly now
– SQL Counter problems resolved
– Bat hanging after running a number of jobs
– dbcheck rw_writelock problem
– Windows VSS restore bug

New Feature:
– Add rudimentary support for backing up AFS

– Add extra test for unsupported Protocol Families.
– Fix inet_pton call.
– Real fix of bug #1897 5.2.9 breaks IPv6 connectivity
– Fix bug #1891 wrong daemon name printed with -? option
– Fix bug #1859 INSERT INTO Counters fails
– First try at fixing bug #1897 5.2.9 breaks IPv6 connectivity
– Convert write_rec_to_block() to a state machine
– Fix bat from eating all Dir connections — fixes bug #1872
– Back port fixes from BEE to fix Windows restore bug #1892
– Add block checksum flag to version.h
– Add block checksum debug code
– Fix bug #1893 dbcheck -B gives rwl_writelock error.
– Remove restriction of network buffer size being multiple of a tape block
– Add rudimentary support for saving AFS acls.
– Send level before the fileset in estimate_cmd() like in backup()

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
1859 1872 1891 1892 1893 1897