We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 7.4.7 to Source Forge and to the Bacula.org website.

This version is a minor bug fix release that hopefully finally corrects the seg fault on OpenBSD due to the new ACL/XATTR code, and it also fixes most build problems on Solaris 10 as well as EPROTO on OpenBSD.

There is one minor new feature that allows you to specify the query item number on the bconsole query command line.

If you are already running Bacula version 7.4.0 or greater, it is not urgent to upgrade unless you find a problem you are experiencing on the list of fixes (see ReleaseNotes below). There is no database update required from any prior 7.4.x version, but as usual all Storage Daemons must be updated to the same version as your Director (presumably 7.4.7).

As a reminder, the Windows File Daemon is available for download on the www.bacula.org web site for personal use. Since there are no updates to the Windows FD, version 7.4.7 does not exist. Consequently, please use the Windows FD version 7.4.4.

– Permit specifying query item number on bconsole query command line
– Fix Solaris 10 problems reported by Phil Stracchino
– Fix EPROTO on OpenBSD

Thank you for using Bacula.