We are pleased to announce Bacula release version 9.2.2.

This is a minor bug fix release (6,143 lines of diff). The main fixes to this version are: eliminate most messages that are repeatedly printed, eliminate malformed message output, error when compiling without TLS, …

Note: if you are running MySQL and have not recently executed src/cats/update_bacula_tables, please do so. It will not change your database version but it will fix some potential MySQL problems (for more detals see the release notes for version 9.2.1).

– Fix bug #2421 by Adam about quoting Windows paths in CreateChildProcess()
– Update po files
– Implement new message numbers in stored/block.c
– Fix incorrectly indicating: malformed message
– Fix bugs #2335 and #2349 Volume messages printed many times
– Add new test for bug printing many multiple Max Volume jobs= info
– Fix complier warning due to unused subroutine variable
– Fix bug #2334 seg fault when releasing globals
– Fix escaping special characters in bvfs restore for sqlite catalog
– Fix tls_bsock_shutdown() compilation when no TLS available.
– Fix bsock compilation warning.
– Fix bsock compilation problem in *BSD.
– Add new manual test

– rpm: Fix mysql dependency for bacula-postgresql

– baculum: Fix basic auth user setting in API install wizard
– baculum: Improve error handling in web part
– baculum: Fix formatted size and time values on the volume details page
– baculum: Fix undefined index error on web config wizard page
– baculum: Fix #2418 creating or updating new resource
– baculum: Fix size unit formatters in restore browser reported by Wanderlei Huttel
– baculum: Do not store any main oauth2 client nor main http basic user in api config
– baculum: Update Japanese translation files
– baculum: Fix availability web config wizard when there is problem with access
to api
– baculum: Add new size directive control
– baculum: Fix logging output if it is not possible to decode to json
– baculum: Fix saving logs when an error occurs
– baculum: API panel and wizard improvements
– baculum: Add name field to api client parameters

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2334 2335 2418 2421