Baculum – official rpm and deb package repositories

We have prepared the Baculum official packages and repositories for the following distributions: – CentOS – Fedora – Debian – Ubuntu The repositories contain the latest version of Baculum (7.4.0-1) and they will be updated after each new version release. Full installation instructions for the rpm and deb packages from the official repositories are available […]

Bacula Admin l & ll Trainings

Bacula Admin l The Bacula Admin l training helps new or existing administrators of Bacula (community or Enterprise Edition) acquire the knowledge they need to install, configure and operate the solution in a production environment, quickly and effectively. After completing the course, you will be able to perform the following tasks: Obtain the Bacula code […]

Release 7.4.0

We have just released Bacula version 7.4.0. This version consists of more backports from Bacula Enterprise 8.4 as well quite a few bug fixes (28) as a number of new features.  For your convenience, I have included selected parts of the ReleaseNotes below. Upgrading should be easy since there is no database change and all […]

Baculum 7.2.1-0 Release

We have released a new Baculum version – 7.2.1-0. This release is focused on performance improvements. Despite the fact that it is a minor release, in this version we have included numerous features. Source tar archive: Signature: PGP public key: Changes: – Add run job again button – Add session cache – […]

Bacula Status Report 27 August 2015

I would like to discuss the following topics: 1. Bacula Release Status 2. The FSFE and licenses 3. Vacation 1. Bacula Release Status As probably know, the latest release of Bacula version 7.2.0 was released on 14 August 2015. This should be a quite stable release because it is based on the latest Enterprise version, […]

Release 7.2.0

We have just released Bacula version 7.2.0. This version has quite a number of difficult and important bug fixes since version 7.0.5 as well as a good number of new features. Some of the new features are: – Job Edit Codes %E  number of non-fatal error messages and %R bytes read from the disk. – […]

Baculum – Current and upcoming features

1. Baculum Ubuntu/Debian packages Preparing Baculum to use from bacula-gui source archive requires going through a few steps as manual web server configuration, PHP installation with dependencies, setting up authentication to Baculum. These actions may need a few attempts and may take a little time. For this reason, we have prepared Baculum binary packages for […]

Bacula Status Report 15 April 2015

I would like to discuss the following topics: 1. Bacula Release Status 2. The FSFE and licenses 1. Bacula Release Status As probably know, the latest release of Bacula is 7.0.5. This release  has proved quite stable but there are a few bugs open on it, and I am working on them. I am also […]

vchanger release 1.0.0 is out

Vchanger implements the Bacula Autochanger Interface to provide a virtual disk autochanger targeting the use of removable disk drives, such as USB external drives and RDX cartridge systems, as storage media. As compared to Bacula’s native virtual disk autochanger, vchanger has the following advantages: – May simultaneously use volume files on an unlimited number of […]

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