This is a bug fix release to version 7.0.2. We recommend that everyone using version 7.0.2 upgrade to this version.  As usual, the source code has been uploaded to the Bacula project of Source Forge.

Major points:
There are a number of bug fixes, some of them very important. In addition we have worked on improving error handling for the new selection lists (used in cancel) as there are a few serious problems reported, but we are unable to reproduce them. Hopefully the changes have corrected these problems.

– Fix error handling in do_alist_prompt
– Tighten error condition handling in sellist
– Add new cancel test
– Also update autoconf/aclocal.m4
– Reschedule on error caused EndTime to be incorrect — fixes bug #2029
– Flush console queued job messages — should fix bug #2054
– Attempt to fix FreeBSD echo/printf, bug #2048
– Update to newer libtool + config.guess
– Recompile configure
– Apply fix supplied for acl.c in bug #2050
– Fix a SD seg fault that occurs with over committed drives
– Clear bvfs cache and set debug options available only for admin
– Moved auth params to curl opts
– Filtred single results for restricted consoles
– Removed unnecessary debug
– Changed e-mail address in gettext file
– Support for customized and restricted consoles
– Misc changes for rpm building (made by Louis)
– Updated requirements for Baculum
– Apply fix for bug 2049: wrong drive selected
– Fix #2047 about bthread_cond_wait_p not declared
– Fix Bacula bug #2044 — fix Makefile for bplugininfo linking
– Fix Bacula bug #2046 — sellist limited to 10000
– Fix Bacula bug #2045 — multiply defined daemon_event
– Fix Bacula bug #2020 overflow in btape — Andreas Koch

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2020 2029 2044 2045 2046 2047 2048 2050 2054