We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 7.4.5 to Source Forge.

This version is a minor bug fix release that includes a rewrite of the  ACL and XATTR code by Radoslaw Korzeniewski.  It also corrects the btape fill command to work properly (tape testing prior to use).

If you are already running Bacula version 7.4.0 or greater, it is not urgent to upgrade unless you find a problem you are experiencing on the list of fixes (see ReleaseNotes below). There is no database update required from any prior 7.4.x version, but as usual all Storage Daemons must be updated to the same version as your Director (presumably 7.4.5).

As a reminder, the Windows File Daemon is available for download on the www.bacula.org web site for personal use. Since there are no updates to the Windows FD, version 7.4.5 does not exist. Consequently, please use the Windows FD version 7.4.4.

You may feel that not much is happening with Bacula, but that is far from being the case.  Since last April, we have been working very hard to rewrite the Storage Daemon device drivers.  This work is not totally complete, but it has advanced to a stage where it can be released.  One benefit of it is that there is now in the Bacula Enterprise Edition a Cloud backup driver for S3 compatible clouds.  In addition, we have fixed a number of long standing subtle but annoying bugs in Bacula particularly in the Storage daemon.  Finally, we have added a number of other new features.

Beginning immediately, I (Kern) am working full-time to backport the very latest Bacula Enterprise code to the community version.  Hopefully this will be completed in the next couple of months, then within a short time (less than a year), I will backport the Cloud driver.

Unfortunately, there are currently no 7.4.5 source code packages in the download area on the bacula.org web site.  This is because the WPDM download manager plugin, which I paid for and have relied on, no longer works with the most recent version of WordPress, nor am I able to submit a support request.   I have never been satisfied with this package because the upload procedure is extremely manual and many of the features they promise never worked (e.g. tree style browsing of downloads).  As you can imagine, I am not very pleased with WPDM and would not recommend it.

Once I find a replacement for WPDM, I will upload the source code.  In the mean time, please go to the Bacula download area of Source Forge to get the latest version of the Bacula source code.

Thank you for using Bacula.


Release Notes for Bacula 7.4.5

This is a minor bug fix plus a significant total rewrite of the
ACL and XATTR code by Radoslaw Korzeniewski.

– Correct wrong word in message
– Remove restriction on using the scratch pool that can
cause restore failures
– Remove debug code that breaks btape fill
– Initialize freespace_mutex fixes bug 2207
– baculum: Update AUTHORS file
– baculum: Enable Japanese language on web interface
– baculum: Implement Japanese language support
– XACL – refactoring an ACL and XATTR codes.
– Revert “Warn of Storage Daemon version incompatibility if
label fails. Bug #2193”
– Make another attempt to resolve bug #2176
– Apply patch to list more pool info
– Fix status alignment output reported by Wanderlei Huttel