We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.0.2

This is a minor bug fix release, but a few of the bugs are important. The main items fixed are:

– Postgresql should now work with Postgresql prior to 9.0 Note: the ssl connection feature added in 9.0 is not available on postgresql servers older than 9.0 (it needs the new connection API).
– The issues with MariaDB (reconnect variable) are now fixed
– The problem of the btape “test” command finding a wrong number of files in the append test was a bug. It is now fixed. It is unlikely that it affected anything but btape.
– The bacula-tray-monitor.deskop script is released in the scripts directory.
– We recommend that you build with both libz and lzo library support (the developer packages must be installed when building, and the shared object libraries must be installed at run time). However we have modified the code so that Bacula *should* build and run with either or both libz or lzo absent.

– Use Bacula in place of Libz variables so we can build with/without libz and lzo
– Apply ideas from bug #2255 prettier status slots output
– Configure and install bacula-tray-monitor.desktop
– Fix btape test which counted files incorrectly on EOT
– Fix bug #2296 where Bacula would not compile with postgres 8 or older
– Fix bug #2294 Bacula does not build with MariaDB 10.2
– baculum: Fix multiple directors support
– baculum: Fix showing errors from the API

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2255 2294 2296