We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.0.3

This is a minor bug fix release and mainly fixes the single drive mount/unmount problem.

– baculum: Fix access denied error on api install wizard page
– baculum: Remove assigning to api host when user is deleted
– baculum: Fix empty admin setting
– baculum: Add ability to assign host to specific user
– baculum: Fix bconsole test connection for new api host that works with new
– baculum: Fix sqlite db support
– Fix bug #2301 Solaris Available space incorrectly reported by turning off
output for Solaris
– Fix bug #2300 mount/unmount/release of single tape drive does not work
– baculum: Fix bconsole connection test in config wizard
– baculum: Fix writing config for schedule and message names with space
– bpipe: Fix compiler warning
– baculum: Fix drag & drop file version elements
– baculum: Add fileset info endpoint and use it in restore wizard
– baculum: Use client name instead of clientid and start using fileset to
prepare restore tree
– baculum: Remove fileset parameter from run restore
– baculum: Fix lstat regex pattern
– baculum: Get the most recent jobs by client and fileset or by clientid and
– Fix: bug #3048: jobs are stuck in endless loop in reserve.c
– Add total time to test.out file
– baculum: Add restore job selection in restore job wizard
– Enhance verify job report from bug 2249

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2300 2301 3048