We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.0.4

This is a minor bug fix release and mainly fixes the make_ and update_ sqlite3 database scripts.

– Update po files

– Fix SQLite3 upgrade tables script fixes bug #2306
– baculum: Fix language setting in config file

– Upgrade to latest lz4.c to fix bug #2310 bus error on 64 bit Solaris
– Recompile configure.in
– Ensure systemd/bacula.conf is created by configure fixed bug #2307
– Fix compiler warning noted in bug #2309
– Fix SQLite3 Version bug #2305
– Remove unused variable to elimiate compiler warning
– Recompile configure.in

– Fix #2925 Do not try to stop non backup jobs (virtualfull, copy, migration
restore, etc…)

– baculum: Fix broken symbolic links for lang files

– don’t use add_event() when flag “l” is not set

– core: bwlimit measure bandwidth

– core: bwlimit handle backlog and allow burst

– Do not purge running jobs in autoprune

Bugs fixed/closed since last release:
2305 2306 2307 2309 2310 2925

Please note: SQLite3 has been depreciated for a long time. If the
community will step forward (as it did in this case) and prepare
the appropriate make_sqlite3_tables and update_sqlite3_tables files,
we can continue to leave the SQLite3 code in Bacula. However, we
strongly urge users to update to MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL,
which are our supported SQL databases.

Thanks for using Bacula.